Design Skills 2

Drop shadow I used to add more texture to my text, I mainly used it for my masthead. It adds more texture to the font. It allows the text to stand out better. I find it fits my genre as my genre is all about being bold and to stand out, which the drop shadow allows you to do so. It also means it stands out to the consumer when they are looking at the front cover.

I used transparency for the main cover star image on my DPS. I didn’t want the cover star image to be the main focus on my DPS  this is why I used the transparency tool to fade the image out slightly. This works well and you are still able to see every feature and key piece of MES on the models that I want the consumer to see when reading the article. This helps the look of the star image as it adds texture to them. Also it works with the genre and how I wish to portray them as outcasts and the unknown and how they have risen to stardom.

The pen tool allows me to draw text box around the image so I can then write the text and it will wrap around the image. This means I can fit my text correctly and how I want to on my DPS. It helps and creates a better look for my overall DPS.


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