Production skills 4 evaluation of web design

To make our website we used the online programme called, it was extremely useful and gave us all the necessary tools to complete our website to a high standard. Below are some of the tools and helpers that really allowed to make the best website possible.

The add tool was vital for us whenever we wanted to simply add any feature to our site. Weather it was a text box or something a bit more in depth such as a store with live buttons that linked to each separate piece of merchandise from the store itself. It was so easy to use and clearly showed us where we can add things also giving us a plethora of options coming in all different designs allowing us to find the correct one to fit conventionally with our overall branding of our products.

The font tool obviously was used a lot, it was simple to use but yet so helpful for our group. It provided us with many fonts however we decided to use one and edit the font itself. This gave us good continuity and it allows the audience to recognise that font with that specific website.

We also used the tool which gave us font affects in almost every piece of text we applied to the website. We used the I in the bottom right which added a double up of the text which fitted nicely with our overall aesthetics as we so too used that within our digipak on the front cover. That small detail has worked perfectly as it really fits the overall image and branding of the product.

The site colours were one the most important factors when forming our website. Our overall product really relied on the dark backgrounds contrasting with the bright luminous colours of the fonts, this tool allowed us to continue with that and add the pink, green and yellow that we had added in the digipak and it was a clear theme running throughout. We also formed our own shade of black for all the backgrounds, this meant it had our own spin and was unique to our style, the product was not following the basic colour ways provided. Instead we decided to opt to find our best colour that would fit the website well.

With this being the final area for creating our collection of products, it again was a new area of software to use and then learn. The skills above that I mentioned I feel really do help for the future, as now if I ever am to run y own business I already have an upper hand when it comes to creating websites. Through trial and error i managed to work my way through each area such as the store and adding button to link to all different areas of the website.


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