Website draft 1

Below are screenshots of our first draft for our website.

We had to screenshot the draft as the website will change in due course when we improve it and it will update as it is a link we would input. To start off with I am happy with our first draft as we had no previous history of designing websites.

We had an idea of the conventions we needed to incorporate in the website to fit with the rap genre.

  • It is bare at the moment as we have not had enough time however in due course we will add to the front page with our digipak and the final music video.
  • Also on the music section we will add to that with the track lists of our artist.
  • As it is only our first draft there are many areas still to improve and a lot will change as we are not entirely happy at the moment.
  • The menu hub is very easy to use and it has a very clean layout so for any user it is easy to use.
  • At the moment its not as easy to find everything as the website is a work in progress so some areas are missing that the menu would usually navigate to. There
  • are interactive areas such as the store and the tour links to the store with digital files where you can buy the tickets, easy to use and very self explanatory.
  • Also the font and layout stays the same of all pages to keep a form of continuity which as a group we find important to fit the conventions of our website that we wish to have.

Screenshots of our first draft for website!

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