Genre conventions analysis

Above is the cooking video my group and I created to show all the conventions of the hip/hop and rap genre. First of all we had to write the script consisting of all the repertoire of elements of all hip/hop and rap conventions and how they will finally influence our final product. For an example the blueprint will ensure that we are as organised as possible and hoping to end up with the best possible outcome.

As a group combined we had to truly understand the music video as a whole. We want our overall product to be understood by the audience and truly be enjoyed. However if the product does not meet the expectations of the audience then it may not be enjoyed and possibly rejected because they don’t enjoy it. We also as a group have to understand that we have our genre as hip/hop will fit the expectations of the audience however we will have to try and alter it to be different to other videos so it stands out.

After we wrote the script it was time to begin filming the cooking show itself. We used the script as a cooking show to the recipe for the repertoire of elements that it consists of and the conventions that are required. We used charlotte to film our video and be the host of our group cooking show. Once we had filmed the footage and the show, we inputted our footage into premiere pro snd it was then ready to edit. Firstly we edited the clips in an order so it was easy to understand for the viewer. Then we inputted images that linked to the certain points of the video. This begun to make everything that was said to be very easy for the audience to understand.

By following the steps in this task and making sure that our video has the correct blueprint and conventions it will make our music video as successful as it can be, resulting in a good video for the audience to view.

Audience interaction with a website

Below is our group screen castify where we analyse a professional website from a group of famous artists, we really focus on the technical aspects of the website and understand the meanings through the ideologies of the Blumler and Katz. All of these areas we assessed have helped our group when planning to design our own website, we have begun to understand the conventions of the rap genres website. We have been inspired the colours they have used and also how the site looks and how it is not too clustered with useless information it is all very relevant.

Production skills 4 evaluation of web design

To make our website we used the online programme called, it was extremely useful and gave us all the necessary tools to complete our website to a high standard. Below are some of the tools and helpers that really allowed to make the best website possible.

The add tool was vital for us whenever we wanted to simply add any feature to our site. Weather it was a text box or something a bit more in depth such as a store with live buttons that linked to each separate piece of merchandise from the store itself. It was so easy to use and clearly showed us where we can add things also giving us a plethora of options coming in all different designs allowing us to find the correct one to fit conventionally with our overall branding of our products.

The font tool obviously was used a lot, it was simple to use but yet so helpful for our group. It provided us with many fonts however we decided to use one and edit the font itself. This gave us good continuity and it allows the audience to recognise that font with that specific website.

We also used the tool which gave us font affects in almost every piece of text we applied to the website. We used the I in the bottom right which added a double up of the text which fitted nicely with our overall aesthetics as we so too used that within our digipak on the front cover. That small detail has worked perfectly as it really fits the overall image and branding of the product.

The site colours were one the most important factors when forming our website. Our overall product really relied on the dark backgrounds contrasting with the bright luminous colours of the fonts, this tool allowed us to continue with that and add the pink, green and yellow that we had added in the digipak and it was a clear theme running throughout. We also formed our own shade of black for all the backgrounds, this meant it had our own spin and was unique to our style, the product was not following the basic colour ways provided. Instead we decided to opt to find our best colour that would fit the website well.

With this being the final area for creating our collection of products, it again was a new area of software to use and then learn. The skills above that I mentioned I feel really do help for the future, as now if I ever am to run y own business I already have an upper hand when it comes to creating websites. Through trial and error i managed to work my way through each area such as the store and adding button to link to all different areas of the website.


Production skills evaluation 3

When creating the digipak me myself when working with my group I have learnt new skills due to the constant use of the In design and Photoshop.

A key area when creating the digipak is that we follow the correct sizing guide which is 142mm by 125mm, this was researched on google. It is is key that we had this tool and found the correct sizing so when we printed the digipak out it fitted the CD case. Allowing to ensure all dimensions fit perfectly.

We really wanted our front cover to be bold and pop out to the audience. We did not our title to be boring and plain, that would not fit with our conventions of our genre. We decided to include vibrant colours, with the title written out twice and each word having a different colour. This formed the title we wished to have as it stood out and was fitting to our overall brand wish.

We used the brush tool for our rocket that we drew to add different graphical colours over the top. It allowed us to draw freehand to formulate our products, we also created some of our panes such as the rocket and the lips from the brush tool. So it was very very helpful when creating panes for our digipak. It was easy to achieve as we could really decide what we wanted to do as the tool allows you to work to your own devices however with a little helping hand.

Inverted colours is the final area that really helped us to form a good product for our digipak. This helped our star image for the front page to really stand out. At the time it was too plain and we wanted something different fro our product. To do it we used to CTRL button and whatever we had selected. Straight away it made  our digipak look different and much more appealing. It also looks like an electric shock which fits well with the holding of the plugs.


  • Our drawings and use of bright colours worked really well it is what we wanted
  • Our repetition of words to create a pattern and add to the branding continuity
  • The colour scheme and layering
  • Cutting around our image
  • Digital drawing of tattoos on Joe’s body adding a different feel and fits the conventions


  • Use more images which could be enhanced and cut to fit
  • Play around with layout more to add different aspects

I feel that my ideas and overall understanding of photoshop has really improved since the last time I reviewed my skills. This is mainly down to trying what works and what doesn’t for our own product. many youtube tutorials have helped and just working as a group learning together has really helped too.I have learnt many things such as the tools regarding the freehand drawing on photoshop, and how to directly add filters and effects to images. I hope to also further my skills as they always become useful.



Website draft 2

Above is our website draft 2, we have made many improvements since the previous draft and we are happy with how it has come along so far. Below is the checklist we were handed to make sure our website was to the highest standard we could possibly make it.

  • We have featured the digipak on the homepage which is key we feel, it is below the fold however we may need to pop it to the audience as it should be a main attraction.
  • We must find a way to include a bio for the artists somewhere on the website.
  • Our theme is good as we have continuity as we have colours of yellow, green and pink backed up with the dominant blacks and whites elsewhere for the backgrounds.
  • There is stories or other pictures of the artist, something we maybe should add to the website.
  • We do not have a news page, we should possibly add this with a page about the star which also includes the bio that is too required
  • It is good as we have the required social media tabs for the star so the fans can access that easily
  • At the moment we do not have any drop down menus
  • besides the digipak we do not have any images of the star this should be added in due course as I fell it is key we do so.
  • We have a good running theme and the overall brand. As we keep the same colours and themes throughout.
  • We have a store page which has merch and tickets to purchase all interactive with images of all the products too
  • The music video is on the site however it is not introduced at all.

Screen Castify

Targets for Improvement

  • Add in a bio for the artist.
  • Make a  small gallery of images of the artist.
  • Make a news section on the website so the audience can stay updated on what happens to the star.
  • Think about adding drop down menus.
  • Introduce the music video on the music page.


Music Video Draft 4

Targets for improvements:

  • Maybe improve the lip sync
  • Add more narrative to improve the understanding
  • Increase the part of Neo when performing

As this is draft 4 the last few tweaks are only required until we are fully complete and happy with our final product so these little improvements will help us to finish the product to a great standard.


Below is our first attempt at our graphic designs, we used the programmes photoshop and Indesign to aid ourselves in making these first attempts. For a first attempt I feel it is good and we have incorporated many techniques within our first two panes. It does feel very messy as if we have wanted to show as much ability as possible and it is in fact potentially too clustered. We were not entirely sure what we want the final product to end up as so at the moment this is a good start as it gives us ideas to work on in the future. As I find the panes too busy we can maybe split some of these ideas onto other panes as they are good ideas however may be more fitting elsewhere. I am pleased with our graphic designs so far and they will be improved a lot more with time, but it is good to get a feel of working with these programmes standing us in good stead for the future pieces of work.




Evaluation of digipak shoot


Was the shoot successful?

In the end the shoot we took was a successful one in my opinion, we took many good images and have some good choices to decide on what we wish to use within our digipak.

What was your opinion on your images taken?

Firstly even though we were impressed with the images we came out with, we feel we could have got better images if we had in fact planned it out before hand we feel we could have used the more efficiently and maybe organised more props to improve the overall aesthetics of the images and to fit the conventions on the genre.

What was so good about the lighting?

The lighting was good as we used the professional studio lights, the images were perfectly exposed, were very clear and crisp. In my personal opinion I am pleased we chose to shoot in the white studio as I fell that was the best place to take the images.

Why was the MES not so good?

An area that I am not so happy about it the overall MES within the images from the shoot. This could be due to the lack of planning before hand. We could have possibly done better to create the imagery for a conventional rap star, however we used the wires and this added a very interesting layer to the images.

Overall opinion on the shoot?

To conclude the shoot was mostly a success and we in the end got the images we wished to have for the digipak, we got many images and we can now decide what the best ones we feel can be. And what will fit best for our panes.

Website draft 1

Below are screenshots of our first draft for our website.

We had to screenshot the draft as the website will change in due course when we improve it and it will update as it is a link we would input. To start off with I am happy with our first draft as we had no previous history of designing websites.

We had an idea of the conventions we needed to incorporate in the website to fit with the rap genre.

  • It is bare at the moment as we have not had enough time however in due course we will add to the front page with our digipak and the final music video.
  • Also on the music section we will add to that with the track lists of our artist.
  • As it is only our first draft there are many areas still to improve and a lot will change as we are not entirely happy at the moment.
  • The menu hub is very easy to use and it has a very clean layout so for any user it is easy to use.
  • At the moment its not as easy to find everything as the website is a work in progress so some areas are missing that the menu would usually navigate to. There
  • are interactive areas such as the store and the tour links to the store with digital files where you can buy the tickets, easy to use and very self explanatory.
  • Also the font and layout stays the same of all pages to keep a form of continuity which as a group we find important to fit the conventions of our website that we wish to have.

Screenshots of our first draft for website!

Flow chart and preferred template

Below is our group flow chart for how we wish to plan the website out. This will help us create us a structure for planning and creating our website. We hope to make it easy to navigate that is our ultimate aim, so they have maximum satisfaction when using the website itself. We have decided to go with this template as it goes conventionally with what we wish to have, however it is not basic and will stand out to other competing websites. We want the website to be clean and not too clustered, so planning it out correctly is the right way to go. We did not want the navigation bar to be too overpowering so we could focus the main aim of the website on the hero shot and the leaderboard. This is because we want the main image to be the centre of attention.