So…How did it go?

After a lot of work and time, component 1 is over. I am happy with how my final pieces have turned out. In addition over the last few months I have learnt many skills that are transferable. These include learning how to use new forms of technology or software such as the use of a DSLR or Photoshop.  I have improved my time management and my organisation skills subsequently. I also have learnt about the factors that will influence of people buying your magazine, what comes down to it such as the MES.

With all the work I have produced over the past few months. I have really enjoyed producing my final pieces on my music magazine. I enjoyed being able to learn as the process went on when I was designing all my pages. I have spent hours on the best possible outcome for each page with many drafts being produced, finally with the copies I was happy with. To conclude I was happy with my final drafts and the effort and time I put in I felt was worth it. This too is because I learnt so many new skills that I can now use elsewhere and not just in the field on Media.

Design Skills 2

Drop shadow I used to add more texture to my text, I mainly used it for my masthead. It adds more texture to the font. It allows the text to stand out better. I find it fits my genre as my genre is all about being bold and to stand out, which the drop shadow allows you to do so. It also means it stands out to the consumer when they are looking at the front cover.

I used transparency for the main cover star image on my DPS. I didn’t want the cover star image to be the main focus on my DPS  this is why I used the transparency tool to fade the image out slightly. This works well and you are still able to see every feature and key piece of MES on the models that I want the consumer to see when reading the article. This helps the look of the star image as it adds texture to them. Also it works with the genre and how I wish to portray them as outcasts and the unknown and how they have risen to stardom.

The pen tool allows me to draw text box around the image so I can then write the text and it will wrap around the image. This means I can fit my text correctly and how I want to on my DPS. It helps and creates a better look for my overall DPS.


So how’s it going

I feel so far my brand is clearly relflected within the design of my pages and the images of my stars. The conventions are there ones that link to hip hop, ones of contrasting vibrant colours contrasting to the darker side with the dark fonts infused with other colours. The logo and all pages were created and thought out by me with help of feedback of peers so I could really create the ideal music magazine for my genre.

Firstly I have learnt many new skills within the design aspect that I can use later on in my life in many aspects. I now understand how to use both photoshop and InDesign to a good level, this can be helpful within the future. Also with the images of my magazine I have learnt how to collate the most suitable images to fit genres and the perfect angles. By doing this I have begun to learn how to manipulate images to really tell a story or have more depth or texture to them.

Finally many skills I have improved or learnt are transferable in every day life. I have really improved my organisation skills having to organise models, times to shoot photos and collecting correct costumes. Communication skills having to constantly work well in groups to achieve the best outcome .


Design Skills 1

For my contents page I have used to abilities of Photoshop and InDesign to better my contents page, this allows me to fit my mise en scene more to my genre of what I’m aiming for it to look like.

On the first slide I have used the eraser tool on my images on my models to get the fine details in the picture and get rid of any background I don’t want. I used this with Neo’s hair as there is gaps in his hair leaving parts of the background still so I used the eraser tool to stop this.

On the second slide the spot healing brush is what makes my models look in such high definition. If there is something I wish to get rid of for example a sport or mark using this tool removes those giving a higher quality image overall.

On the third tool the polygonal lasso tool is quite possibly the most important tool, it gives me the ability to cut out my models leaving no background this means I can place them wherever I like on my contents page or anywhere else, whether I am creating a front cover or double page spread.

Finally on the fourth slide the stroke is key to my contents page it allows me to add texture and boldness to my text so it really allows my masthead or wherever using it to let it stand out.

These functions i used helped the front cover link to my genre of rap.  I wanted a clean polished look on the models looks and how they were perceived. These tools I used gave me the ability to do so such as using the eraser tool or using the spot healing brush it really helped me fit my genre.

The star image in key to show that these models are the superstars they are, by doing that i can use those tools to help with how I want them to look. Which is perfect with nothing wrong with their image.

So I am ready to photograph my star

I have learnt many different aspects recently on how to use the camera effectively and how to get different types of shots from changing the focus or the shutter speed. I have also learned that different shots give different meanings, for example a close up can give an intimidating feel for the brand that we want to portray with our magazine. So the use of the camera and what shots i take will affect the feeling of what the brand I am trying to portray to my audience.

Moreover the use of MES is absolutely crucial for portraying the brand image. I will be using many props to add the look I am really going for, for example rings and watches to show the style of my genre which is rap. Moreover the facial expressions are key looking powerful and intimidating. The costumes will consist of simple but unusual fittings of clothes to really show how alternative this genre is.

I will be sure to include all of these aspects within my photos so that in the end I create so excellent images that really work with my magazine and fit the style of the genre very well. I’ll do this by using the camera to it’s full potential with all different types of shots and the understanding of how to use a DSLR over the past few weeks. Also the MES will be suited to how I want it to be which will fit the genre well and display a layered image.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

When making media there are many aspects that you have to think of and incorporate. Over the past few weeks of learning I have begun to learn what to include within my media and why.

Firstly the use of images are key as they ultimately show the main feature of any piece of media you want to portray.  Moreover the depth to an image is key, for example if the image fits the genre of your task. With the costumes worn or the body language of the person having the photo taken of them it all can tell a story to the audience.

Another key aspect I have started to learn is the use of the colour scheme. Firstly the colours need to fit the outfit of the person or the image that is in use, continuity is key.  I have learnt also that each genre can have different colour schemes such as Metal music will be dark colours giving connotations of death and sadness. That is how important colours can be as they will tell a story to the audience who is looking at your media.

Furthermore the font you use is key, I personally feel and I have learnt over time that each genre of music fits certain genres well. Also a font can imply a feeling or a mood. In addition I am learning to always consider the font size, for example the size needs to be larger when I use it for a masthead. Subsequently the placing of the text is key it has to all fit and then look appealing to the consumer.

When taking photos I need to consider many aspects, such as the lighting or the angle of the picture taken. I have also now learnt how different camera angles tell different stories and how it implies a different meaning. For example a low angle gives a sense of power, something now I will for sure use as my magazine cover needs to show dominance and power.

To conclude next week when making my magazine cover I will use all of the techniques stated within my magazine. I will use them when needed to tell a story to the audience and show the meaning of my genre with the use of either the font or the camera angles. I am looking forward to doing this, having fun and creating hopefully a quality magazine cover with many techniques included that I have learnt this term so far.