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Above are two adverts that I am going to use in my magazine.

The adverts are important as they generate extra revenue for the company making the magazine, also they break up the actual content of the magazine well.

The first one is Travis Scott modelling for Saint Laurent, a major brand linked with wealth and success. This is good as this is fitting to my overall rap genre. The other advert is a tour poster for the artist future, who is a rap icon and someone who is a household name in the rap game.

These adverts are appropriate as they fit my genre well, as they include two people who are major rap stars. Also the colours and fonts fit my magazine, linking to the contrasting effects and neon bright with dark and dingy aspects.

The audience are mainly the young american male, they are interested in the ways of rap, the stars of the genre and being inspired themselves to make something of their life.

Feedback on article

Here is a fellow classmate reading my article out loud. Overall I am happy with how it sounded when she read it out. I feel it fitted the genre well and how they would use certain types of words and phrases.  However below I feel there is a few areas where I could improve my article to help it flow better.

  • Try to punctuate better for example when and where to use full stops or commas
  • Maybe use some words that are a bit more in everyday use so anyone can understand it
  •  Potentially use a wider range of vocabulary when describing the band I am talking about

Below is the voice recording of my article.


Draft 5


Overall the feedback was postive, with the reviewer liking my overall MES used. Also they said the genre is shown well with the imagery and the text used. An area for improvement could be the colour of text for the contents page as it matches the natural colour of the picture too much and it becomes hard to read. I will take the advice on board and look for other alternatives when editing my other drafts.

Draft 4 feedback and targets

Below is my screen castify from my teacher giving me targets and ways to improve my 3 design pieces consisting of the Front Cover, Contents page and the Double Page Spread.

  • Keep continuity with more of the fonts
  • Make sure I add more to my DPS to reduce the high volume of text
  • Add more cover lines to my contents page
  • Potentially make my images bigger on my front cover
  • The letters in the background on my DPS to link together
  • Add more plugs on context or front cover
  • On the DPS add more to it to make it more appealing to look at
  • Make sure the fitting of the text is correctly spaced.

Language Analysis

The article

The article is about Wyclef Jean, it is an interview with him 10 questions about his rules for life and he begins to explain them in depth. The journalist doesn’t affect his mind it is all in the artists own words.

The Structure

It is layed out in 10 questions, all different all asked by the interviewer. The question is in bold then the answer in below in regular font. The artists name is large and in bold at the top which entices the read and makes it clear for them to see.

Presence of journalist

The presence is very little as they only ask the questions towards the rapper himself, all the high volume of text comes from the words of the rapper himself about the questions that the journalist has prepared and then asked him. There is no use of third person in this piece e.g. from the journalist it is all from the artist.

Language and Aim

The main aim of this piece of text is for Wyclef Jean to inform the readers of his top 10 tips in how to succeed in life in all aspects. With him giving you his own personal opinions you feel as if you know or understand how he feels and become to feel you understand how one of your icons are on personal level. I feel the language is very colloquial as it is an interview and nothing has been differed, it is all in the first person so the language isn’t tampered or sugar coated it’s all real and has a meaningful tone towards to the language used and how it has been. The language used my Wyclef Jean is very personal and he uses the language technique of direct address a lot to interest and aim at the reader where he used the words ‘you’ or ‘your’ constantly.

Representation of the performer

Wyclef jean has been represented well by himself with how he speaks about his life’s experiences. The journalist has only listened to the artist and given him the question to allow him to speak him mind which does in fact allow him to be represented well and allow him to respected by the reader. It implies he is one of the people as he states just normal everyday life problems and his own solutions to them such as money not being everything or thinking long term for your future ahead.

A new improved double page spread

  • The placement of the images have changed.
  • I have changed the sizing too of the images.
  • I have included more colour with the use of purple headings.
  • I have used the initials of each interview to use big font letters in the background, used with the transparency tool to allow the text to be the main focus.
  • I used the pen tool to allow the text to the wrap around the shape of the images.