My tour poster


In this task we used out photos we took as groups of certain music genres, the idea was to create a tour poster for that artist. I designed an Indie music tour poster using Photoshop and In Design. I included all that you normally see on a tour poster after in class we had previously annotated the key features of one, so I knew what to include. For example the information of where it is to how to buy the tickets.

Four targets, for areas that I can improve on for the future.

  • Make the text bolder when over the main cover image, so it is then easier to read.
  • Maybe have less effects on the image as simplicity may be key in the instance.
  • Leave less blank space by just enlarging all aspects such as the text and the image.
  • Still to fit the genre maybe include more colour schemes so that it will stand out to anyone who is viewing this tour poster.

My copy of professional magazine front page

Our task was to create a copy of a magazine front cover, we used the programme in design to help us with that process. We had to copy the original completely from the exact font to the correct placings of where the text is on the image. We also used the program InDesign this allowed me to be able to copy the original copy of the NME magazine. InDesign allows you to edit images to adding text, it has many functions and it ideal for this type of media. Once you have learnt the basics it becomes very simple, the YouTube clips helped me to improve my skills.

Being specific with my magazine front cover copy I am happy with many aspects but of course there can always be improvements as it the first time attempting something alone these lines.

  • What went well: I got the majority of the fonts the same to the original including the sizing  as well as I could with my limited experience.
  • What I could do better: I feel that the placements of my text could’ve been better for example the NME in organogenesis could’ve been behind his head, however I was unsure how to make that work.

The overall look is quite similar to the original I feel, with a first attempt on a new program I feel I will improve from here on in. I am happy overall finished product.


The camera talks

In the 175 photos we took these 9 I feel really are the best for a numerous amount of reasons. The task was to focus on the different camera angles and locations to create a perfect image. With the hashtags above, it gives connotations for each one with each and every photo telling a different meaning.

The photo I really like is the master shot on the middle right. This is because it gives many different connotations and meanings with the shadow half across my face and a silhouette in the distance. For the future I will incorporate those aspects in my  magazine covers. This included different meanings and lighting to create a story and meaning.

Technical camera terms


The aim of this task was to capture many photos with different lighting angles and ideas. We used many different locations consisting of different backgrounds and lighting. We tried to incorporate many different angles and technical shots within the snaps we took! We went around the school premises looking for the perfect shot. It will now have an affect on how I take those perfect shots trying to include the different camera angles for example a wide shot or a close up. Those two shots give different connotations and tell two different stories. Factoring the MES throughout was key too. Moreover we wanted each photo to include a different technique for example if it was framing or depth of field, as that is what starts to create a quality image that begins to tell a story for the consumer and will interest them straight away.

My image that uses mise en scene for meaning

Our group was allocated Indie music genre. It was a popular form of music that originated in the UK in the 1970s. Originally described as the independent record labels it changed into alternative rock it now has many perceptions of how people dress and look.

The conventional mise en scene of the genre of music consist of:

  • Costume- Layback outfits, Scruffy style, Hippie
  • Lighting- Natural lighting, simple and plain colours
  • Acting & Proxemics- Relaxed, Unusual
  • Makeup ans hair- Untidy, Scruffy, Different
  • Props- Earthy, Instruments, Hats
  • Setting- Forests, Beach, Festivals

These words above were what the class said the connotations of the costume. Therefore our groups idea of the mise en scene of indie music was correct because these words fitted the costume that we chose we had encoded it correctly and successfully.

We took many photos consisting of different angles and ideas of positioning of the camera.

Firstly the pictures with the hat on are not as suited I feel as the ones without the hat. That was a costume mistake. However the pictures taken from afar which captures the whole body works a lot better because you are able to see the whole outfit and you are able to see a scale. The ugly is definitely the photos taken from low down they do not show a stunning aspect of me and they will not be used any further.

In addition the background played a key aspect and I feel really fitted the indie genre with the green earthy feeling. Which really fits the connotations of the indie genre.

It is clearly obvious that with a longer distance angle that shows all the outfit and background is better and more appealing to look at on the eye.

This is our groups favourite photo due to the fact that it consisted of the aspects that we thought fitted well. This consists of a distanced angle to allow the viewing of the whole costume. Playing the guitar shows a relaxed feel, the connotations that fit the genre of Indie music. Moreover it implies the artist is different and unusual, with how they are dressed. Both are relevant adjectives to describe the Indie genre.

Finally the Mise en Scene is key in this photo, firstly with the body language which is very relaxed and only interested in playing the guitar. This image also has a lot of texture to it with the different pieces of clothing to how they are fitted. With the unbuttoned shirt leaving connotations of edgy and confidence. Furthermore with the picture not having me looking at the camera doesn’t allow any facial features to be seen. Meaning the only way you can read between the lines is from the costume and body language which I feel is better suited for this genre.

Future work

In addition when I produce media, the Mise en scene will affect how I produce and consider all aspects of media. For example I will factor in the costumes, the lighting, facial expressions and camera angle. These are all what I found out worked out well with our images therefore I will incorporate them into future media pieces.



Print Media that Communicates meaning

After looking through the the tour poster for Cousin Stizz’s ‘One night only’ tour I am starting to understand how to find the key aspects of print analysis.

These can consist of:

  • Font
  • Colour scheme
  • Camera Angles
  • Imagery
  • Signs ans symbols


Above I have deconstructed certain key aspects of the tour poster from the bullet points mentioned above. I personally chose the poster because firstly I like the artist. However when delving deeper into the meanings behind the tour poster it was apparent that there were many layers to it. With unusual fonts and cleverly placed images.

Now I will aim to implement some of these aspects in my own media production down the line. As this shows my own personal identity. I will use unusual fonts as I feel that will clearly stand out. I need to make sure whenever doing any type of media production I consider the font, signs, symbols and the body language making sure they are relevant. I feel if I use those aspects it will impact my work in a positive way.