Digipak draft 3

Below is our draft 3 for our digipak we have made serious improvements from our draft 2.

What has changed

  • Inside left page has a rocket now on it
  • There is no longer any writing on the left page
  • We have plugged the artist and the album underneath the graphic drawn rocket
  • The lips are no longer bare in between included text to link the entire digipak together
  • We have included coloured ‘I’m scared to fly’ to link together the ongoing theme
  • Finally we have removed the coloured rectangles as we felt they did not fit the overall conventions

Targets for Improvement

  • Add on the spines.
  • Change the barcode png.

Feedback is absolutely key when ensuring products are created that they are the best possible.

We asked our peers the following questions.

What is the genre of the digipak?

Which adjectives best describe the digipak?

We thought it was important to ask these questions to find out if our digipak did meet the conventional requirements of the rap genre, and to see if it was clearly recognisable to people who had never seen our digipak before

Below are the results

The tally above clearly shows that our audience knew that our digipak was clearly supposed to fit the hip/hip and rap genre.  A few thought it could be electronic genre due to the front cover with the inverted colours. However the rap genre was easily seen due to the contrasting dark and luminous colours.

Many people thought our digipak was fun and vibrant. This is great as we had hoped this would be the case. This is really good as what we aimed for has been noticed by the consumers.

This feedback is helpful we will take it on board when we finalise our digipak in the future.

Digipak draft 2

Below is draft 2, we have added the 2 other panes that were required. We are happy with how we have developed it so far. However we know we can improve it with more time spent editing of which we will do in due course.

Targets for improvement:

  • Add in spines for both sides of our digipak
  • Maybe add more imagery to inside left pane
  • Incorporate writing into inside right pane
  • Keep theme throughout each pane of the digipak

After receiving feedback on draft 2, we will ensure to take on board ideas from Miss Hales when improving upon our digipak draft.

Digipak Draft 1

Below is the first draft of our groups digipak, it is rather unfinished with only  couple of panes on show with to inserts missing. We used the software Indesign and Photoshop, to help go through with this. As this is only our first draft there is a big area for improvement which will occur during the next few drafts we publish. Improving aspects such as the MES and overall aesthetic of the cover whether or not it fits the star itself.

The use of photoshop to take and manipulate images

We as a group did not take many photos or did we use many photographed images. Instead we went the conventional way of the hiphop industry with graphic design being at the forefront when we manipulated our images. We have used a picture taken of an eye however this was popped with the use of photoshop as we added layers to it with graphic drawings around it and luminous colours, this is another convention we found was included within our genre when creating a digipak. The eye still is a bit dull so for draft 2 that has to be improved, also the use of photoshop is visible as the rocket is digitally drawn with photoshop.

Selection of MES in the photographics and the meaning it has

Firstly the graphics tie in well with the meaning of our album, as the eye becomes a symbol of the word ‘I’M’. The illustrated rocket also symbolises the word “fly”. we have used images to describe name of the album and implement the overall meaning of the photographics. There is no clear star image as the main image on the front is the eye, the overall brand comes from the vibrant colours we have used to imply the fun and different nature of our star. Quite a few aspects of our digipak is conventional to our rap genre, it includes the technical elements such as  tracklist and an artists name standing out to the consumer. On the other hand as it is our first draft we are missing some elements such as a barcode, copyright information the spines and publishing notes. These must be included into our genre to fit into the conventions of our piece to make it feel like an authentic album design.

The creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and use colours

The overall use of DTP has been used and applied well when creating the product. Forming a digipak that has the correct technical conventions to fit our genre which link together nicely as we have the same colours an themes of dark backgrounds running throughout. This is due to us as a group using the same typeface and colour palette in all pieces of work. We have also created a clear brand image due to our bold font which is a statement, they stand out which is always good when selling to a consumer as it will catch the eye. We have allowed the track list to be plain as this is a key area as the consumer needs to be able to read what they are looking for on the back of the album cover.

What level is it at?

So far we are in a work in progress with all of our designs, so we are at level 3. This is down to the fact we don’t have all of the required techincal conventions such as a barcode or copyright information. More importantly we do not have a clear star image as he does not feature anywhere on the digipak that is something we need to include in our future drafts to improve the overall level of the product.

Evaluation of digipak shoot


Was the shoot successful?

In the end the shoot we took was a successful one in my opinion, we took many good images and have some good choices to decide on what we wish to use within our digipak.

What was your opinion on your images taken?

Firstly even though we were impressed with the images we came out with, we feel we could have got better images if we had in fact planned it out before hand we feel we could have used the more efficiently and maybe organised more props to improve the overall aesthetics of the images and to fit the conventions on the genre.

What was so good about the lighting?

The lighting was good as we used the professional studio lights, the images were perfectly exposed, were very clear and crisp. In my personal opinion I am pleased we chose to shoot in the white studio as I fell that was the best place to take the images.

Why was the MES not so good?

An area that I am not so happy about it the overall MES within the images from the shoot. This could be due to the lack of planning before hand. We could have possibly done better to create the imagery for a conventional rap star, however we used the wires and this added a very interesting layer to the images.

Overall opinion on the shoot?

To conclude the shoot was mostly a success and we in the end got the images we wished to have for the digipak, we got many images and we can now decide what the best ones we feel can be. And what will fit best for our panes.

Digipak contact sheet

Below are the contact sheet of the shoot we had for our digipak images. Not all images were good as that is expected with any shoot, however there were a few that were good and then we decided to use them.

The shoot was a positive however we were not entirely what angle we wanted to take with how we wanted to use the photos when we put them into to photoshop and Indesign. We tried to improvise with props to add layers to the image, using the wires on the floor wrapping them around me as the person being the model. It worked in my opinion and it gave the image a different feel with an added prop.

Finally my favourite image ranged between 2984/7 on the contact sheet, we did in fact use one of those for our front cover as we were very happy with it.


Below is our first attempt at our graphic designs, we used the programmes photoshop and Indesign to aid ourselves in making these first attempts. For a first attempt I feel it is good and we have incorporated many techniques within our first two panes. It does feel very messy as if we have wanted to show as much ability as possible and it is in fact potentially too clustered. We were not entirely sure what we want the final product to end up as so at the moment this is a good start as it gives us ideas to work on in the future. As I find the panes too busy we can maybe split some of these ideas onto other panes as they are good ideas however may be more fitting elsewhere. I am pleased with our graphic designs so far and they will be improved a lot more with time, but it is good to get a feel of working with these programmes standing us in good stead for the future pieces of work.




Digipak hand drawn collage

Below firstly is our collage design to help us with ideas for our digipak with what patterns we wanted to you and what colours to also then include. In addition is a mock draw up for what we firstly had an idea of what we wish our digipak to look like. We want it to be dark colours potentially black and white, understated but with interesting patterns and design with the imagery, and allow the colours to bring it back to a mysterious feel with how we like to portray our star.

Digipak Moodboards

So I could find some inspiration for my digipak, I found a plethora of images online of images that fit within our genre. I then followed it up with annotating each image why I feel each image has a place within this moodboard and why it has a purpose towards to our genre.

By doing this exercise I have ensured that some of these ideas and images I can then incorporate into the digipak we create. Such as the deep dark colours and intimidating imagery are some of the areas we would like to include as we like the overall aesthetic of it.

Made with Padlet


Our Mission Statement

Below is our mission statement for our star who is the main feature throughout our music video.

Brand values are an essential to creating the perfect brand to match your star’s image and identity. Our brand values will reflect our star’s persona, which will eventually allow us to create an integrated advertising campaign for the album release. We created a mission statement as a group to identify our star’s values, and combine them with our own ideas for advertising and branding. This will allow us to  create a finalised product that the consumer will love, and in turn tell the world about. We want to ensure these values are always notified so that we can attract the audience to our overall product.

Below is our Mission Statement:

Isaiah Cole is the new ASAP Rocky. He’s confident and stylish, with an intriguing aura. We would like our audience to connect with our star through all social media platforms, specifically Instagram, Twitter and YouTube in particular. Utilizing these platforms allow fans to get to know Isaiah on a deeper, personal level, and will open them up to the endless possibilities of his electrifying mind. His album will attract the consumer with Rap specific typeface and imagery, along with bold colour co ordinates to stand out and reflect Isaiah’s striking persona.


Digipak conventions analysis

To properly understand the way certain genres attract audiences, we had to analyse a digipak of our specific genre. I also made annotations about the digipak picking apart the meanings behind it.

I analysed A$AP ROCKY’S ‘AT.LONG.LAST.ASAP’ he is a very well known and respected artist within the rap industry, due to this he will have a great idea of how to market his visuals of album covers to attract the consumer. The kinds of themes ideas and imagery to attract one for them to end up buying it.

Within a digipak theres is always a link between the front cover and the back this gives key continuity whether that is with the typefaces or the image itself. With Rocky he tends to appear mysterious of what again he did with the main image a key tool he has learned that will attract the consumer into buying it. A lot of time and editing has gone into the front cover to make it look perfect for when the consumer sees it, this is something to think for when we try it. We need to make sure we take time and ensure all components fit and are unique to our product.

The conventions for this genre we will follow and ensure we always consider them, allowing us to create the best product possible.