Audience Ideologies

Above is our audience profiling slide, outlining the audience we would be seeing interested in our star. Such as the age range gender and their common interests. With outlining some of their interests and understanding the audience we will try and aim our final product to that, incorporating ideas from other artists that these people are interested in. The planning is key as we now know how to aim our ideas towards our audience, by having an understanding of what the audience are interested in you can put yourself in their shoes and really incorporate the best ideas to entice them as much as you possibly can.

Specsavers Feedback

In lesson some of the Specsavers team from the creative side came in to look at our music videos. They showed us many skills and helped with our group and gave us pointers how to improve. Below is some areas to improve of what they said.

  • Push ourselves more with our editing
  • Try and work our more ways to edit with cool effects
  • Sorting the lighting out in the studio with our clips

In all the feedback I hear we got was good and very positive, the skills we have learnt have seemed to have been recognised. We still have areas to improve of what we will do with the time we have left, it is a good start to get good constrictive feedback from specialists.

We have listened to this feedback and we are going to include new forms of edits that we will find on youtube, we have already found some where we can include animations in our edits with the help of premiere pro. We have got new pieces of footage to improve our lighting issues this looks a lot better now with our new draft as it fits the aesthetics a lot better.

Music Video Draft 3

In our draft 3 we have improved on many areas such as the following

  • We have filled most of the gaps in with the footage that we want
  • We have popped most clips to enhance the footage
  • We have added filters and colour when we thought needed

We are happy with draft 3 as we see it as a improvement to our previous draft, with how we have edited each clip and added new ones in. We still have areas to improve such as better performance of Neo and more clips to add in of narrative of Joe and Charlotte, we can do this in draft 4.


What we need to improve on for Draft 4:

  • Fill all gaps and make sure everything is in time to the beat
  • Fix our audio as a few bits are out of time due to software issues
  • Find a good opening and closing shot for our video
  • Add in any new footage we have compiled
  • Cut some footage down as some parts of the video are too long/boring
  • Continue popping colour and manipulating colours as we have been doing

Below are what people said they liked and did not like.

With this feedback we will improve the video clips of Neo as the performance is not good as the lip sync does not appear to work. We will also add in more clips that we have filmed since as we had areas where the clips were needed to be imported. This feedback above will help us to improve the final draft 4 with more refined editing and the implementation of new clips of the performance aspect.

Feedback from teacher

Mrs Cobb, liked how we are starting to form our music video, however she still thinks there are aspects where we can improve.

What went well

  • Good story throughout
  • Plethora of different shots
  • Good panning of charlotte
  • Like how we edited the backgrounds
  • Changing colours bring a fun aspect

Targets for next draft

  • Slow down pace of Charlotte’s shots
  • Some areas of video are rather blurry
  • Make sure all shots are on focus
  • Add more angles for Neo’s performance
  • Add more shots in to replace blank screens

The targets above will help for the future, we will ensure the images are not blurry and we ensure our shots are in focus, this will make it much more appealing for the audience to watch throughout. We will also ensure that the shots have more effects and different areas of editing to enhance the video even more.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Below is our draft 2 for our Music Video we have included some of the Narrative however we have not filmed all of it yet, with future drafts there will be more shots included to improve our overall video.

Personally this edit is a lot better and it obviously would be as we have now included some areas of our narrative. The overall conventional ideas are still there and are fitting towards the genre itself. This new edit flows a lot better as now we have story alongside the performance meaning the viewer now can grasps an overall understanding of it and how we are trying to portray our ideas.

We have areas that we definitely need to improve on to better our video and we will with more shoots and longer periods of editing. Below are some things we can aim to better or include

  • We need more slow mo shots
  • High angles
  • Match on action
  • The clips should fit the beat of the song
  • A wider variety of Neo’s performance

Risk Assessment

Below is our Risk Assessment outliing the plan for our original narrative shoot. However it did not go ahead as we were not sold on our ideas and most of all not ready to get the best shots possible.

Names:  joe. emilia. charlotte Media/Film Teacher: Miss Cobb Tutor: 12kg

Venue(s) for shoot: field in st martins pleimont bunkers Date of filming: Thursday 20th June

Filming Time, Locations & Equipment. Who will be with you? Where will you be?
08.45 – 11.45 Emilia, Joe, Connie, Charlotte Pleimont (bunker shots)
11.45 – 12.30 Emilia, Joe, Connie, Charlotte Field by cobo/saumarez park nature trail. 
12.30 – 3.30 Emilia Charlotte Joe Editing our footage 
3.30 – 6.00 N/A N/A


Risk Is the risk adequately controlled? Further action required to control the risk.
Birds can get in the way and attack the equipment. yes We will scare off the birds if they come near us so that they don’t interrupt filming. 
If it rains the field could become muddy and somebody could slip.  yes If it’s raining we will not film in the field. 
The bunkers ceiling could be low so somebody could hit their head.  yes we will be cautious when moving around the bunker and make sure we don’t suddenly lift our heads up if the ceiling is low. 
There may be old bits of wood on the floor at the strawberry farm and somebody could trip over them.. yes we will be cautious when walking around the location and carefully move any potential danger out of the way. 
Tourists or the public may be walking around the bunker/ potential stranger danger or they may get in the way yes Let people pass by


Be aware that conditions can change after you have made your risk assessment due to:  the nature of the activity, the weather, the time of year, road works, building works etc. The risk assessment may need to change to take account of this.


Name: Charlotte Martel                           Signed:

PMA Narrative Shoot

Below is our PMA for our shoot. However we did not decide to go ahead with it, as we did not like our idea in general and how we were going to go about it. We decided to do another performance shoot in the studio instead which went well. We have delayed our narrative shoot to ensure we fully plan it and have all correct props for the day.

Narrative Storyboard

Below is our storyboard explaining our narrative plans and ideas. With both the boys and girls aspects, this is what we wish for however it may change for our final cut as some of these shots may not work or fit our conventional ideas.

Here is the storyboard for our narrative shoot and how we want it to turn out. Hoping it will work well with our song and how our performance will link well with our narrative ideas.

Narrative Development

We planned out our characters within our performance and what they do during the narrative shoot. Also including how the story will play out when we film it, also planning out what we will use to add to our narrative images such as the props and costumes that are significant and different. Also we decided what conventional ideas we would include within our video to fit with our genre. Also what repertoire of elements will fit our overall genre and how it will make up areas within the video. We have included binary oppositions as well with our negative and positive themes running throughout our narrative with the girl being so pure and happy contrasting to the boy who is down and suffering. Disruption is represented in the sense of unknown leaving the viewers wondering why they are apart.

Extended Step Outline – Music Video Narrative

Song title and Performer and Genre ‘Unforgettable’ French Montana & Swae Lee Hip hop/rap
Characters in narrative – will performers appear? Joe myself as Swae lee, who performs the chorus and is involved in a love problem with another girl in the performance

Connie as the girl who Swae Lee is interested in, however the love becomes different and hard to get.

Emilia and Charlotte will be the backup girls, the ones who are friends and support for Connie – the main female character.

Structure – key moments – doesn’t have to be in that order or have all of these elements Equilibrium

The journey at the start where the male is on his quest to find the girl


Having flashbacks of good past times where they were together which is now playing heavily on his mind


He is motivated to get close to where the girls location is, and reunite and rekindle his love he once had for her, no matter the difficulties he faced

New Equilibrium

The journey is coming to an end and when he reaches the girls location, she has gone the only thing left was her inhabitants and trails, no sign of her in physical form

Type of narrative The narrative is anachronic, as we are using flashbacks in our video, however there are still elements of traditional narrative structure as there is an equilibrium, disruption and resolution.
Conflict – subject matters, themes – binary oppositions Desire vs unwanted

Boy vs Girl

Ending / central question What happened to him? Where did the girl go?
Key MES – costumes, props, colours etc Large white dress for connie to fit and merge into the whites sheets on the field

White bed sheets that are large

Chopper bike

Purple smoke bombs

Disco lights

Bright LED lights

Jewelry that is understated and simple

Joe will be wearing modern retro streetwear – baggy trousers, bright coloured tops, funky glasses and hats, denim jackets, bum bags.

Locations Empty Lane an empty back lane engulfed with trees and sunlight peeking through the trees

Fields an empty field with long grass hopefully, with white sheets on it… somewhere that the field is natural and is quite baron

Garage a modern type garage with bright lights focusing on the performer even though it is a dark area.

Car Connie will be sat on the car looking gorgeous and she will be showing off the fact that she doesn’t need a male in her life.

Truck with Trailer Joe will be sat up on the trailer of the truck, driving away or towards the girl (connie) who he is trying to get/win over.

Scene description (without dialogue) focusing on key micro aspects (mise-en-scène, camera, sound, editing, etc)

The camera will be used to show a large variety of angles, we have planned to have aerial shots, establishing shots, shot reverse shots, close ups, mid shots, long shots, pans and dollys. There will also be times where the camera will follow one of the characters while they’re moving.

The editing will make sure that the narrative is clearly understandable so that the audience can easily follow the video. However when editing on premiere pro we will add in jazzy effects that will change the videos vibe. At some points in the video there will be times where the background is black and white where as the character will be full colour (and vice versa). We will also use filters on some clips and put effects on that will duplicate the characters or do a split screen (for example).

The MES will be very different between the male and female characters. Joe will be wearing the same type of attire that we used for the performance shoot, it will be modern streetwear with a retro vibe. This is so Joes character looks comfortable, chill and fashionable. On the other hand connie will be wearing a large white dress that is similar to a wedding dress. This will be draped around her and it will resemble her as pure and innocent. Her makeup will be bold for example a bright lip colour or bright eyeshadow/liner. This will show she is powerful and independent.


Shoot Evaluation Narrative

With our narrative shoot there was areas where we really succeeded however areas that were not so good, meaning we may have to re shoot to better our footage in the long run. Below are some pros and some cons for our narrative shoot.


  • The girl represented the angelic aspect of which we wanted
  • We had really good MES with the girl when she was filmed outside
  • A variety of shots with the girl to work with when editing
  • Multiple locations of the narrative


  • Shots of me did not turn out well
  • We did not get a good range of shots
  • The overall MES did not work too well either
  • We will go to different location with new clothes to re shoot
  • The narrative is meant to show disruption with how we planned it, whereas we did not show that with our shots