Our video shows how  a horse becomes trapped, the dolphin witnesses this however simply laughs and swims away. When the dolphin becomes trapped the horse begins to get his sweet revenge on the dolphin and kicks him over. Our shots were quickly done and rushed and weren’t to the best of our ability, however we still were able to present a pretty clear narrative.


  • Does it fulfill the traditional narrative structure? It tends to follow normal structure with the dolphin swimming as the equilibrium, there then becomes disruption when the horse starts to get trapped is the climax of the dolphin swimming and laughing away, the horse proceeding to kick the dolphin when it is stuck is the resolution for the horse who becomes content at the end.
  • Do the characters fulfill conventional character types? Yes they do with the dolphin at first becoming the villain who is on top, however by the end when the dolphin becomes stuck the hero that is the horse remains on top like any other typical narrative.
  • Are there binary oppositions? Yes there are binary oppositions for us it was past vs future, with in the past the horse is suffering in that situation however look ahead to the future with the dolphin suffering within the same situation.
  • Explain how Music Video narratives can differ from these conventional ideas i.e. are able to play with time and space, are episodic, are anachronic, are thematic and don’t always have an ending so that they are repeatable etc. The narrative can always differ from the usual and typical conventional ideas as they can be played and mixed around with space and time. Narrative could also be thematic stating that there could be one main story throughout. It too could be anachronic where it is quite disjointed and not in the usual order of a story. Sometimes the video does not have an end which means it leaves the viewer intrigued and wanting to know a lot more. There is a small amount of time to tell a story in a music video so maybe a cliffhanger is best for it as you never sum up what has actually happened.

Prelim Task 2 – Tell me a story

For this task, we are designing and creating a 30 second video which conveys a basic storyline and has a lot of expressions and emotions involved within it. I was paired with Seb and we wanted to have a storyline based on rejection and having two stories aligned with each other. We created a storyboard with how our story would run out and what camera shots we would do and why. It helped as we knew how we wanted to set the whole thing out. We then shot our video with the use of our storyboard. we then uploaded all footage to the D drive and then edited on premiere pro, then proceeded to add music from an mp3 and then edited it aswell, then finally uploading it on youtube.

Things went well

  • I used a wide range of shots
  • I used relevant music for the video
  • I think it’s a good storyline with depth
  • I felt I used good distances of shots well with close ups and long distance shots

Things didn’t go well/ Improve on 

  • Slightly slicker editing and the changes between clips
  • The overall facial expressions showing anger and shock
  • male it clearer she has been rejected
  • I could’ve had a steady shot throughout to look more professional
  • The framing overall could have been a lot better with the close ups

Prelim continuity task 1

  • I have used the following camera techniques such as mid shot and the close up that shows the sense of emotion and the feelings, the long shot shows one girl in the foreground and the background it keeps the continuity of the story going with the distances of the shots and how they are. I used shot reverse shot to move the dialogue between the two actors along. Also I had to ensure to keep the 180 degree rule was implemented this would prevent the actors from switching sides. I used Match on action when opening the locker as I used different shots for the same purpose of them opening the locker at the start of their school day.
  • I used these techniques to create a sense of emotion, shock and surprise.
  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules that it is important when to edit the clips as if it is one clip just running the whole way through, it makes the whole video run a lot smoother. I also made sure when editing I did not have long clips, they were all edited with good and smooth cuts.
  • I used these rules to better my final piece of footage, it looked a lot smoother and cleaner with the final piece of editing.
  • I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro. Such as applying graphics and the start and end of the video and learning how to render the finished product.
  • I used these tools to improve my piece and make it look more appealing.
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently such as having graphics whilst the footage was still playing. This looks a lot more professional and  it doesn’t waste any time of just a graphic with no actual footage.