I believe our shoot went very well. We achieved most of the shots that we wanted, and achieved the theme we wanted for the performance, however, we did not get enough close up shots. I think our framing is good, the lip syncing worked well, and she looks creepy, which is what we wanted, as it fits our song. On the narrative shooting day, we are going to spend some time just getting some close ups, as we didn’t get any, when we thought that we did. We got confused, as we did do close ups, of her eyes twitching and mouth, but we had thought we had gone through the song in close up, but we hadn’t. This is what we need to do on the day.

I think next time we need to:

  • Be more time precise
  • Make a more precise shot list so we know exactly what shots to do
  • Get a wider variety of shots

These are photos of myself, mia and grace from our performance shoot, doing a close up of grace performing.