We shot our narrative for our music video during a school day where we were granted access off of school. We filmed in a carpark in St Peter Port, and then in an area by a cliff above Guernsey’s Aquarium, which is where we filmed the most of Bilal’s performance.

This is a picture we took in between us filming the paint scene of it running down her face, up above the aquarium in a tight stoned corridor.

Overall I believe we used our time well and got a large variety of different shots to link with our performance in our music video, however our time management was poor. We should have planned more shots, rather than us just relying on thinking of ideas in the moment. We had a shot list but we got through it quickly, and we needed more so we ended up just filming every idea we had. Because of this, we ended up being behind schedule of filming Bilal above the aquarium, and went overtime. If we need to film again or do any more filming, we have learnt our lesson from this and will plan everything more precisely.

Our target would be to improve our time management, and we would do this by:

  • Making any shot list plan more precise
  • Sticking to our time deadlines

Other targets would be to have back up plans for if things go wrong, for example some of the shots we did didn’t turn out to what we wanted them to be and we knew this at the time, so we improvised and did some others, and it turned out well, however it would have been more effective to think of the shots before, just in case.