Over the last couple of months whilst editing our music video, I have become more familiar with using Adobe Premiere Pro, and its now time to reflect on some of the skills I have learnt. For example, I have learnt how to manipulate the footage with filters, different opacities, changing exposure, and messing around with some of the lighting effects. As you can see below we put on a darker filter, so that the light from the mask pops out at the audience more, whilst keeping his surroundings dark but his mask and eyes lit up with the sharp, blue light. This helps represent how he is in darkness, hiding from the girl (grace) which is what a stalker would do, so it makes it more conventional, and therefore the audience can follow the narrative.

Another example of a way we have played with the effects within Premiere Pro is with an effect called VR Glow. Whilst going through the different effects you can do in the programme, which you can see in drop-down box inĀ  the picture on the right hand side, we came across this effect. I really like this as it seems chaotic and creepy, but is fast, and to me it complements the random and weird emotions going on in both of their heads, and follows the general tone of this creepy, weird video. Throughout we have different light flowing into the video, and having this, as I said to us complements the mysterious, random thoughts within his head, due to the lights being so random.