This is a snapshot of our production on Premiere Pro and after effects. Lennie Lenfesty, who works in the industry and uses Premiere Pro and after effects on a daily basis came in to our school to give us some tips and show us how to do some things that we didn’t know how to do. This was great, because for us we wanted Grace’s eyes in some shots to be animated blue to make her look like is special and different, and Lennie helped us do exactly what we wanted. He showed us that using different strokes can affect the way that it looks, and how to position the blue so that is was just her eye shown in blue. We think this adds a very cool effect to our video, and from feedback from our teacher and from peers it reflects this way too. We are trying to use this again in our video, as we like it so much.

The fact her eyes have been changed to be like this is great, as it has created one of Roland Barthes’ narrative codes, being the action code. This is due to the fact that we now are able to establish to the viewer that she is in fact potentially as devious and dangerous as Bilal, and these eyes act like a symbol for this. We had this idea right from the very beginning, and we are pleased that we finally have been able to accomplish this as it creates another layer of meaning to our music video, which is exactly what we wanted, thanks to Lennie for showing us how to do it.