This is the newest version of our music video, before we have added in the footage from the next shoot.

We still have more footage to obtain and put in, however since our last draft we have progressed , and achieved our aims, which were to add more effects to make it pop (we are going to add more), we changed the order of the narrative and we have linked the music changes into the narrative so that they work together, ie. using the start of the song as an example where for the first beats we have different shots and black screens following to match it

We posted this video on YouTube, and we received comments back from respective classmates. The comments are shown below

This is positive feedback for us and we are pleased with the general liking of our video. However, they gave us constructive criticism from this too, and so we have made new targets for Draft 4. Our targets for the next draft are as follows:

  • Reshoot the location of the stalker smashing the glass
  • Reshoot with different angles, more long shots rather than mostly close-ups
  • Make the concept of grace being stalked more visible in the video, get some more shots of Grace being followed by Bilal in Long shots and mid shots.