A Mission Statement is defined as a short statement that identifies their goals and what kind of product or service or product it provides. It is important to have a mission statement because it gives us a clear focus of what we are aiming for in the future. It is extremely important for intergrated advertising, which is a combination of many media resources (including traditional media and online marketing). The Mission statement helps to give a focus so that it is easier to brand the performer to the public via intergrated marketing, and to establish an overall brand to consumers. It also provides a basis for continuity between ‘Kezra’ products.

I researched the demographics of an artist similar to ours, to find out who our audience will be, and to find out competition, all in an attempt to find a Unique selling point, which is that SBTRKT (the real performer) is a DJ that makes all of their own beats, whereas Disclosure, Rudimental and Flume (three similar artists) have help from other sources. We have found out that we need to market for women between the ages of 18 and 24, and that we can advertise to them through intergrated marketing, being on social meda, or as an ad on their favourite TV show or so on.

Our Mission Statement is:

“Kezra is a new, cutting edge artist. Kezra is the new scene of electronic music, boasting her unique beats and unreal singing style. Influenced by the progression of electronic music and dance music since her early age, she has grown massively over Soundcloud. She produces the beats herself, and then sings over them, in a style that is growing rapidly.”