This is a moodboard I made online, showing images and fonts similar to what I want displayed on my DigiPak. It is very common with the electronic genre to use neon light, and black light, and it will appeal to our target audience, as these images are edgy and different, as well as stunning pictures. However neon light is common within the electronic genre, these pictures are quirky, and intriguing, which is what we want to include on our DigiPak. The font saying ‘There’s no escape’ is also very well known and would give connotations of being edgy and quirky, which relates to our performer and style of music. The style of edginess and quirkiness brings connotations of love, insanity and lust. 

This is a manual handcrafted mood-board of colours, fonts, and different ideas we had made from different materials. We have decided that we want these different colours, predominantly neon red and yellow to represent our star, and try and incorporate these colours into the digipak so that it creates continuity for the consumers of our product, so people would associate those colours with our star.