Camera + Photoshop

The pictures and fonts are definitely satisfying as they in my opinion match the genre completely, being psychedelic, and having a edgy, hippie look to their DigiPak. The actual use of Camera however is limited, as the shots they took are extremely simple, as they are just pictures of the band members from the same position, from the front and back. However their use of camera is limited, I still believe they have achieved a look that matches their genre, which is why I score their camera as an upper level 3 for framing a shot, however with the variety of shot distances being next to none, I cant say the same for that . Photoshop has been used very well here, as they have picked a really good font and filter for the performers, and the background of various colours combined matches their genre.


The language they have used on their Digipak is straight from the actual album by the Stone Roses, an influential rock band from the 80’s and 90’s England, and their digipak has the same songs they included on the album at the time. The names of the songs match the idea of a psychedelic vibe, for example ‘Fools Gold’ and ‘elephant stone’ are random names, which matches the mixed feelings the digipak gives you.

Mise en Scene

The Mise en Scene is not great in my opinion, because they arent wearing similar items of clothing, for example, the person on the bottom right and on the top right match as they are wearing black, but on the top left there is a man wearing a hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, and then on the bottom left there is a man wearing a brown jacket.

Integrated Images

The links they have made are very interesting, in my opinion. The way they have made the inside left look exactly like the front cover but backwards is very imaginative and interesting, and I enjoyed seeing it, as consumers would also have enjoyed seeing it I imagine.