This is the first part of the website design application I found. This is a drop down box from the left hand side of wix, and as you can see it gives many options that you can take and use on your website. You could choose between texts, add images, look through their own images, insert video, add social media and add a store onto the webpage, which made my job much easier. This helps and reinforces Kezra’s star image and helps her fans follow her music, and gives them the opportunity to make money of merchandise sales The fact that we could upload images and video was extremely helpful as without it we wouldn’t have been able to upload photos of our Digipak, or our music video itself. After learning how to manoeuvre around the website, making our own became very easy.

Once we had done this, we added different drop down boxes to communicate uses and gratifications, in this case information. We include a home page, where the video and some pictures are on, as well as her mission statement. We then have a dropdown box for all of her latest music, which I used real song names and linked them to the actual songs by the artist on youtube. We then have a gallery, where all the pictures of Kezra are, a Tour page, to communicate to the consumer when and where they will be, as well an an opportunity to buy tickets through a button that takes you to the Ticketmaster website. Finally we have a contact page, where consumers could message us on any questions or queries.