So, over the past few weeks we have been working on our DigiPak production. Mia and I used different types of moodboards, including Pinterest and a self made one, in order to inspire us into what we wanted our DigiPak to look like. We came to the conclusion that we wanted lots of sharp, neon lights, as that is conventional in a sense to our genre. From information we have learnt over the past year, we remembered that if we used a DSLR and made the shutter speed very slow, we could shine our phone torches in front of the camera in jagged movements, and it would create long lines of neon colour, as you can see down below.

After this, we went into photoshop, and manipulated the light to stand out as much as possible by adjusting brightness and contrast, and the end idea was to project these lights using a projector over our star.

Image result for photoshop picture contrast

We then projected these pictures over Grace (our star), and achieved what we wanted, similar to ones we had seen on moodboards. Once in post production, Mia and I played with different filters and again with contrast and brightness, to see what would make the lights stand out as well as the star.

The impact of this was that we produced exactly what we wanted- conventional in terms of our moodboard, as we were tying to recreate an image of the same caliber. The effects further portray Grace or ‘Kezra’ as mysterious and quirky, which is the vibe we have created for her in the rest of our products such as the music video where we portayed her as peculiar and bewildering.