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Website Previous Student’s work

The website is very accessible, being a website which has all the information if you scroll down. However, you can also use the drop down titles at the top, which will take you to their latest Video, what they are about, their discography, their tour dates, their media and their merchandise.

The focus point on the page is a video that pops up as soon as you click on the site, which persuades viewers of the website to discover their music.

I found out all about their artists, under the ‘About’ tab, which taught me about the xx, them being an english indie group, where they formed, what they do and how they became successful.

This website alongside the Digipak communicates a consistent brand image, matching in colours and moods. This makes the two items work well as a team at assisting the selling of their products to the public, and providing awareness of who they are and what they are doing. Blumler and Katz, two media theorists, came up with a theory called Uses and Gratifications in relation to media, and this is a way of understanding why and how people look for specific medias to satisfy their needs.

This states that people need to see information, personal identity, social interaction and entertainment in order to agree with the media. With this website, there is information about the band, which is good, there is personal identity, there are ways to socially interact through going to tours, there are videos and there is music to entertain the viewer, or to persuade them to listen to their product. 


Production Skills Evaluation 3

So, over the past few weeks we have been working on our DigiPak production. Mia and I used different types of moodboards, including Pinterest and a self made one, in order to inspire us into what we wanted our DigiPak to look like. We came to the conclusion that we wanted lots of sharp, neon lights, as that is conventional in a sense to our genre. From information we have learnt over the past year, we remembered that if we used a DSLR and made the shutter speed very slow, we could shine our phone torches in front of the camera in jagged movements, and it would create long lines of neon colour, as you can see down below.

After this, we went into photoshop, and manipulated the light to stand out as much as possible by adjusting brightness and contrast, and the end idea was to project these lights using a projector over our star.

Image result for photoshop picture contrast

We then projected these pictures over Grace (our star), and achieved what we wanted, similar to ones we had seen on moodboards. Once in post production, Mia and I played with different filters and again with contrast and brightness, to see what would make the lights stand out as well as the star.


Music Video Draft 4

This is Draft 4 of our music video, ‘Wildfire’.


Website Draft 1

Click on picture to take you to the website draft.

DigiPak Draft 1

Website Terminology

All of the information a fan or consumer would need is directly accessible from the home/splash page. On the home page there is his most recent music video, which promotes his music, and on the left hand side of the page there is a drop down list, including a biography, his music, tour dates and a shop to buy merchandise, all within the click of a button.


Call to action is a marketing term that refers to a piece of content intended to persuade a viewer, reader or listener to perform a specific act, in this case to listen to his music and buy his product. The fact his video is on his splash page does just this, and prompts the viewers of the site to listen to his music, therefore doing the job.

Contact Sheet

Our goal is to create the conventions our genre holds whilst being unique, so, we experimented with a slow shutter speed and fast moving torches on phones. This is the first half of our idea, and in our next shoot, tomorrow, we are going to project those onto our star, in a dark lit room.

Photoshoot/Design Production Meeting Agenda

Feedback on Mock-up and targets

This is a tally chart we made, which lists 8 different genres of music and 6 moods. We asked peers who didn;t know what genre our mock up DigiPak was to pick two of each to describe what it made them feel. The majority of people put electronic as their guess for what genre it was, and we were extremely pleased as that is what we were aiming for, as our genre is electronic. For moods, the majority was quirky and alternative, and we were also pleased with this as those are the moods we wanted to give off from our DigiPak, so now, we just need to refine those Ideas and put them into something we make, as opposed to being from the internet.

DigiPak Photo Mock Up

Mia and I made a practice version, to have a go at showing what our DigiPak will potentially look like using relevant pictures from the internet. As you can see there are plenty of neon lights, and bold colours which is very relevant to the electronic genre, as well as appealing to women with feminine colours, due to what we discovered when looking at the demographics of our product. We asked peers for feedback that didn’t know what genre of music it was, so that we could see if it fits our genre or not. This chart will be in the post “Feedback on Mock Up and targets”.


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