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Prelim Montage

This is my Montage, of a typical school day.

To improve, I would:

  • Get more match on action shots
  • Get more closeups and long shots rather than just mid-shots

What I liked was:

  • The order being chronological, shows her entering school to leaving school with a friend
  • The transitions I’ve used have shown a passing of time well
  • Rules have been used, e.g. the Rule of thirds, and lead space for example.


Preliminary Task and Evaluation


  • I have used the following camera techniques, such as long shots, close ups, mid shots, two shots, and over the shoulder shots.
  • I used these techniques to create a sense of urgency with quick edits along with frustration for narrative sense.
  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules such as shot reverse shot, 180 rule and match on action, so that the audience doesn’t get confused.
  • I used these rules to make the scene flow well, along with not confusing the audience by switching the camera to the other side, so that we keep them with a sense of the narrative.
  • I had never used Premiere Pro before, and I think that it is a very useful tool to create a video. I have learnt how to edit video with the key frame tool, order the shots and put them together to make it work, using the screen on the top right to see if it works.
  • I used these tools help tell the story and show the reactions of the actors as a practice of keeping a narrative for the audience
  • If I was to do this project again I would do some things differently however, such as I would have got a shot of Mia walking from the door to the chair, to create a sense of time space action and narrative. I would have got an establishing shot of both of them so that when Haygan is opening the present we know who he is rather than a mysterious figure. I would have got a couple more close-ups of reactions, and a shot of Mia storming out of the door from the inside.


Question 4: So… Did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?

Question 3… How did your production skills develop throughout this project?

Question 2: So how does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

CCR 1 – How does my product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issue?



New, Improved and also Final Drafts!

So how did it go?

Now having finished my penultimate drafts, I feel like I have progressed in my skills during the time we’ve had to make the magazine. I have learnt that a magazine takes many tries, and I have taken in feedback from my first couple of drafts and changed my magazine entirely into something that works, and suits what my target audience would read. Looking at my first drafts, and my first couple of times on Photoshop and Indesign, the work I have done now shows many more skills and techniques. I have enjoyed working on this magazine entirely, although some has been stressful, but overall I am happy, I’ve tried my best, and am pleased with the outcome.


This is the product Advert I have chosen, it is selling Ciroc, and is portrayed by a highly influential hip hop star, Diddy, which would attract the demographics I found for the artist while using, plus the Vodka could be sold to the age demographic I found.

This is the Music Advert I have chosen, advertising the song ‘Stronger’ By Kanye West. When I researched different demographics on Yougov and found who would read my magazine, I found that my target audience were males between the ages of 25 and 39- and this military style advert falls under the demographics they would like.

Both of these are the kind of adverts I would use in my magazine.

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets


Front Page:

  • Fix space by ‘on success’
  • Drop shadow on red boxes
  • Decrease space between with and Dr Dre


  • Too many pages
  • put effects on plugs and pugs


  • Get the Blue Bilal in in another area of the magazine
  • Use different font for the blue Bilal
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