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Narrative development

These are our Narrative development ideas for our music video, describing the way we are going to shoot our music video, what we want Grace and Bilal to be doing, and the order we are going to do it in. We are trying to make it a linear video whilst non linear as the plot will all be jumbled up . Doing this will portray our star image in a good light, as it will match the performance, of a creepy, weird woman, and have intertextuality in the piece. We aim to have this story as anachronic to match her personality, of how weird she is as well as her pursuer. However, it is a complete story, as we see the ending to the story at the end of the video, and therefore becomes more conventional.

Performance Rough Cut

I think that our performance shoot went very well. We achieved the correct Mise en Scene, and made her look creepy, just like the song. However, we have some targets:

  • We thought we had taken enough shots, but we actually didn’t go through the whole song in enough shots to make it interesting, and many of the shots look the same.
  • We need more closeups, of her mouth, her eyes, just for some more variety, so it interests the readers more.
  • We could include some long shots, and some extreme close ups too.

For this reason we are going to reshoot for an hour or so on our other day, to fix this problem, get more close ups, long shots, and more variety. However, the shots we have are what we wanted, so far.


Song short list and moodboards

For this project, I am working with Mia Quintal. I am very unhappy about this, as Mia is dedicated and hard working, with lots of ideas. We both had to create pitches of different songs, so we could come up with a final song choice, without rushing into it.

This is Mia’s video:

I usually do not listen to electronic music such as this, and and was surprised that I enjoyed this song. Her ideas were to have a stalker, following a girl. I thought this would work with the song, and we are both thinking of extended ideas currently. Compared to the song I picked, this song is much better, as it has lots of opportunities for editing in post production, and it is an interesting topic.  We will be using this song, as it is different to what most others have done before.

Production Meeting Agenda

This is a Performance Meeting Agenda. This document has allowed us to plan every thing we needed for our shoot, and who’s responsible, as well as the locations, and sorting out equipment. We have shared this with our performer, so she could see what she needed to wear for the shoot. This has helped us a lot, as it is planned rather than just us winging it.

Perfect production group

This is an agreement we made as a group, so that we end up spreading the work between us evenly.

Permission from artist

This is me asking the artist of our song for permission to use his music for our music video. As he hasn’t replied, we are going to continue using his music for our video. Asking for permission is important, because if I hadn’t and used his video, it could be copyrighted. It is also a polite thing to do, as it is his music, that i’ll be partly taking credit for.

Final Pitch and Feedback

This is our Music Video pitch and Feedback from it.

From what Mrs. Cobb said, these are our targets:

  • Film 2 performances in the studio, one with the mask, and one with her as a performer we can see, with complex make-up, or mad hair.
  • Have to make visuals very different
  • Film the performance and see where it takes us with the narrative, try to make it more abstract
  • See if you can use anywhere apart from the studio as there is not much space

Visual shot list for performance shoot

This is a visual shot list for our performance shoot. This is a list of different types of shots and different ideas as of what to do for our music video, and will give us an idea of what types of shots we will want to use and what we want them to convey, as well as ensuring ample coverage



Test Shoots

In this assignment we were tasked of making a 20 second video performance of the chorus of our song. We played around with the camera and camera angles, just preparing us for when we film the real thing.

What went well:

  • Good range of shots, branching from close ups, mid shots, tracking shots and more, however the tracking shots we did were a bit shaky as they were handheld
  • Good lip syncing
  • Good movement around, not just in one position she moved all around, makes it more entertaining


  • Include some filters and differences when editing
  • At 0.08 we could have had a better shot, she looks confused
  • Apply better mise en scene in terms of what she’s wearing and what she looks like
  • Try to get some slow motion shots


Detailed Music Video Analysis

This is a music video analysis of two music videos, ‘Chained to the rhythm’ by Katy Perry and ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5. I am trying to explore the differences of performance and narrative for inspiration for my own video, and this is why I’ve done this.

From this work I have been able to understand the difference between performance and narrative, and in my own product, we are going to try and make it narrative and performance, with hidden intertextual references portrayed in the video, with appropriate mise en scene conventions for our genre. This music is different to what we want to do with our video, so therefore the conventions are different, however I will take the use of narrative and performance into account.

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