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Production Skills Evaluation 2

This is a snapshot of our production on Premiere Pro and after effects. Lennie Lenfesty, who works in the industry and uses Premiere Pro and after effects on a daily basis came in to our school to give us some tips and show us how to do some things that we didn’t know how to do. This was great, because for us we wanted Grace’s eyes in some shots to be animated blue to make her look like is special and different, and Lennie helped us do exactly what we wanted. He showed us that using different strokes can affect the way that it looks, and how to position the blue so that is was just her eye shown in blue. We think this adds a very cool effect to our video, and from feedback from our teacher and from peers it reflects this way too. We are trying to use this again in our video, as we like it so much.

The fact her eyes have been changed to be like this is great, as it has created one of Roland Barthes’ narrative codes, being the action code. This is due to the fact that we now are able to establish to the viewer that she is in fact potentially as devious and dangerous as Bilal, and these eyes act like a symbol for this. We had this idea right from the very beginning, and we are pleased that we finally have been able to accomplish this as it creates another layer of meaning to our music video, which is exactly what we wanted, thanks to Lennie for showing us how to do it.

Production meeting Agenda and Storyboard for Re-shoot of Narrative


This is a production meeting agenda and a storyboard plan of our next re-shoot, taking place on Tuesday of this week. We needed more shots to show Grace’s struggle within the video, an more shots of Bilal ‘stalking grace’ and we needed to create a better concept of fear within the video.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Over the last couple of months whilst editing our music video, I have become more familiar with using Adobe Premiere Pro, and its now time to reflect on some of the skills I have learnt. For example, I have learnt how to manipulate the footage with filters, different opacities, changing exposure, and messing around with some of the lighting effects. As you can see below we put on a darker filter, so that the light from the mask pops out at the audience more, whilst keeping his surroundings dark but his mask and eyes lit up with the sharp, blue light. This helps represent how he is in darkness, hiding from the girl (grace) which is what a stalker would do, so it makes it more conventional, and therefore the audience can follow the narrative.

Another example of a way we have played with the effects within Premiere Pro is with an effect called VR Glow. Whilst going through the different effects you can do in the programme, which you can see in drop-down box in  the picture on the right hand side, we came across this effect. I really like this as it seems chaotic and creepy, but is fast, and to me it complements the random and weird emotions going on in both of their heads, and follows the general tone of this creepy, weird video. Throughout we have different light flowing into the video, and having this, as I said to us complements the mysterious, random thoughts within his head, due to the lights being so random.



Risk Assessment

Genre Analysis

To understand our genre further, we created a voicethread, explaining our genre, and helping us understanding it ourselves. This is important because we don’t want it to be too conventional or unconventional, boring or predictable. We also explored the repertoire of elements, and the sub categories of this being:

  • Setting
  • Character
  • Narrative
  • Iconography
  • Style

All of these come together to form genre, and these are described as ‘instances of repetition and difference’. Philosopher Stephen Neale says that in genre, ‘difference is absolutely essential to the economy of genre, mere repetition would not attract an audience’. So, from having learnt this,  we are are going to be unpredictable and different, so that we attract an audience.

Feedback from Teacher


This is a screencastify made by our teacher, where she watched our video and made comments. So, I have summarised what she has said, and this is it:

  • When he is looking at the picture frame she wanted to see an over the shoulder shot of what he is looking at.
  • She liked the pull of focus on the antagonist whilst he was hiding behind the pillar.
  • She liked the use of editing in making our shots look creepy, but thinks we can do this even better in post production to really pop.
  • She liked the timing of the picture smashing but wanted to see a shot of the picture smashed so the viewer knows what is being smashed and who the photo in it is of, as it isn’t clear.
  • At 1.20 there is a shot that is too long and doesn’t fit with the theme we have done of quick editing that we established before. She talks of the quality of some of the mid-shots, but it is just her computer as they came out fine on my footage.
  • She would like to see us cut to other shots whilst she is singing, as every lyric is covered with shots of grace singing when it doesn’t need to be.
  • At 1.38 and other points in the video we hadn’t adjusted the aspect ratio to make it full screen.
  • Our teacher pointed out that 1.51 Grace looks into the camera, so Mia and I will fix this by cutting the shot slightly.
  • Our teacher would like to see some close ups of the shots of grace playing with her hair
  • She doesn’t like the handheld camera shot we got of the antagonist behind Grace, and it would look better if he suddenly appeared, or if there was more build up in the narrative of his presence.
  • She pointed out we can’t repeat shots, and there is a repeat of grace slinging her hair back in slow motion
  • In the fight scene it would be better if we incorporated more of a struggle.
  • Could look cool to get a close up of the blood on the mask.
  • Would have been good to get a close up or even slow motion of her dragging the hammer across her face.
  • When Bilal is on the floor we could get a better shot, maybe a dolly going backwards from very close up to show the effect of the shot.
  • She loves the final shot and thinks we need to make it longer, and maybe incorporate a shot of her laughing or walking off afterward.

In Conclusion:

  • We need more long shots, as there aren’t may in it currently and need it to get marks for a variety of shot distances.
  • Would love to see more close ups to establish the enigma or the tension.

Mia and I will both work together to get these comments fixed, and we are capable of doing this. I will need to converse with my partner of whether we need to re-shoot, because we do not have some of the close ups that our teacher thinks would make our video better. However, she thinks we have done well for a second draft.

Audience Ideologies

Our task was to make a document that would describe our target audience, So, Mia and I talked about who our star image would be, and we both set off to make our respective documents. I used to find out some of their demographics. It is important to know who your target audience is, and decode what they will like so you know what it is that your audience want, and therefore will buy. If it doesn’t match what they want, the audience will reject the text and therefore not buy our product. On YouGov, they didn’t have demographics for a fan of our star, however I typed in an artist similar and based some of the results off of that. I made the document in the form of a dating profile, which you can see below:

Shoot Evaluation

We shot our narrative for our music video during a school day where we were granted access off of school. We filmed in a carpark in St Peter Port, and then in an area by a cliff above Guernsey’s Aquarium, which is where we filmed the most of Bilal’s performance.

This is a picture we took in between us filming the paint scene of it running down her face, up above the aquarium in a tight stoned corridor.

Overall I believe we used our time well and got a large variety of different shots to link with our performance in our music video, however our time management was poor. We should have planned more shots, rather than us just relying on thinking of ideas in the moment. We had a shot list but we got through it quickly, and we needed more so we ended up just filming every idea we had. Because of this, we ended up being behind schedule of filming Bilal above the aquarium, and went overtime. If we need to film again or do any more filming, we have learnt our lesson from this and will plan everything more precisely.

Our target would be to improve our time management, and we would do this by:

  • Making any shot list plan more precise
  • Sticking to our time deadlines

Other targets would be to have back up plans for if things go wrong, for example some of the shots we did didn’t turn out to what we wanted them to be and we knew this at the time, so we improvised and did some others, and it turned out well, however it would have been more effective to think of the shots before, just in case.


Music Video Draft 2

This is our second draft, including the narrative of the music video rather than just the performance.

Mia and I both contributed towards this video, taking turns in editing, and talking about it so the narrative looked just right. However in my opinion the narrative is a bit hard to understand, so I think we will have to order it so it is less anachronic.

When we do draft 3, we will aim to:

  • Put in more effects to make it pop, rather than to leave it how it is, as it may get repetitive over time.
  • Change the order of the narrative so it is easier to understand, whilst leaving it relatively anachronic
  • Link the changes in music to the changes in the video so the visuals work into the music, so it looks professional

Some of the shots also have a black border around them, which we will be able to fix in production.

Star Image planning

This is our star image planning slideshow, showing the artists meta-narrative, showing how he comes across to his fans and to the press through social media, his pictures and newspapers. This will impact on our own star image as we will be able to incorporate some of his ideals into our star, whilst being different and extraordinary.


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