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How did you integrate technologies- Software, Hardware and Online – In this Product?

How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?

This is our Critical Reflection three, answering the question ‘How do your products engage with the audience and how would they be distributed as real media products?’ in the form of a vlog.

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?


Production Skills Evaluation 3

So, over the past few weeks we have been working on our DigiPak production. Mia and I used different types of moodboards, including Pinterest and a self made one, in order to inspire us into what we wanted our DigiPak to look like. We came to the conclusion that we wanted lots of sharp, neon lights, as that is conventional in a sense to our genre. From information we have learnt over the past year, we remembered that if we used a DSLR and made the shutter speed very slow, we could shine our phone torches in front of the camera in jagged movements, and it would create long lines of neon colour, as you can see down below.

After this, we went into photoshop, and manipulated the light to stand out as much as possible by adjusting brightness and contrast, and the end idea was to project these lights using a projector over our star.

Image result for photoshop picture contrast

We then projected these pictures over Grace (our star), and achieved what we wanted, similar to ones we had seen on moodboards. Once in post production, Mia and I played with different filters and again with contrast and brightness, to see what would make the lights stand out as well as the star.

The impact of this was that we produced exactly what we wanted- conventional in terms of our moodboard, as we were tying to recreate an image of the same caliber. The effects further portray Grace or ‘Kezra’ as mysterious and quirky, which is the vibe we have created for her in the rest of our products such as the music video where we portayed her as peculiar and bewildering.

Evaluation of Web design application

This is the first part of the website design application I found. This is a drop down box from the left hand side of wix, and as you can see it gives many options that you can take and use on your website. You could choose between texts, add images, look through their own images, insert video, add social media and add a store onto the webpage, which made my job much easier. This helps and reinforces Kezra’s star image and helps her fans follow her music, and gives them the opportunity to make money of merchandise sales The fact that we could upload images and video was extremely helpful as without it we wouldn’t have been able to upload photos of our Digipak, or our music video itself. After learning how to manoeuvre around the website, making our own became very easy.

Once we had done this, we added different drop down boxes to communicate uses and gratifications, in this case information. We include a home page, where the video and some pictures are on, as well as her mission statement. We then have a dropdown box for all of her latest music, which I used real song names and linked them to the actual songs by the artist on youtube. We then have a gallery, where all the pictures of Kezra are, a Tour page, to communicate to the consumer when and where they will be, as well an an opportunity to buy tickets through a button that takes you to the Ticketmaster website. Finally we have a contact page, where consumers could message us on any questions or queries.



Feedback on Mock-up and targets

This is a tally chart we made, which lists 8 different genres of music and 6 moods. We asked peers who didn;t know what genre our mock up DigiPak was to pick two of each to describe what it made them feel. The majority of people put electronic as their guess for what genre it was, and we were extremely pleased as that is what we were aiming for, as our genre is electronic. For moods, the majority was quirky and alternative, and we were also pleased with this as those are the moods we wanted to give off from our DigiPak, so now, we just need to refine those Ideas and put them into something we make, as opposed to being from the internet.

Mission Statement

A Mission Statement is defined as a short statement that identifies their goals and what kind of product or service or product it provides. It is important to have a mission statement because it gives us a clear focus of what we are aiming for in the future. It is extremely important for intergrated advertising, which is a combination of many media resources (including traditional media and online marketing). The Mission statement helps to give a focus so that it is easier to brand the performer to the public via intergrated marketing, and to establish an overall brand to consumers. It also provides a basis for continuity between ‘Kezra’ products.

I researched the demographics of an artist similar to ours, to find out who our audience will be, and to find out competition, all in an attempt to find a Unique selling point, which is that SBTRKT (the real performer) is a DJ that makes all of their own beats, whereas Disclosure, Rudimental and Flume (three similar artists) have help from other sources. We have found out that we need to market for women between the ages of 18 and 24, and that we can advertise to them through intergrated marketing, being on social meda, or as an ad on their favourite TV show or so on.

Our Mission Statement is:

“Kezra is a new, cutting edge artist. Kezra is the new scene of electronic music, boasting her unique beats and unreal singing style. Influenced by the progression of electronic music and dance music since her early age, she has grown massively over Soundcloud. She produces the beats herself, and then sings over them, in a style that is growing rapidly.”



Production Skills Evaluation 2

This is a snapshot of our production on Premiere Pro and after effects. Lennie Lenfesty, who works in the industry and uses Premiere Pro and after effects on a daily basis came in to our school to give us some tips and show us how to do some things that we didn’t know how to do. This was great, because for us we wanted Grace’s eyes in some shots to be animated blue to make her look like is special and different, and Lennie helped us do exactly what we wanted. He showed us that using different strokes can affect the way that it looks, and how to position the blue so that is was just her eye shown in blue. We think this adds a very cool effect to our video, and from feedback from our teacher and from peers it reflects this way too. We are trying to use this again in our video, as we like it so much.

The fact her eyes have been changed to be like this is great, as it has created one of Roland Barthes’ narrative codes, being the action code. This is due to the fact that we now are able to establish to the viewer that she is in fact potentially as devious and dangerous as Bilal, and these eyes act like a symbol for this. We had this idea right from the very beginning, and we are pleased that we finally have been able to accomplish this as it creates another layer of meaning to our music video, which is exactly what we wanted, thanks to Lennie for showing us how to do it.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Over the last couple of months whilst editing our music video, I have become more familiar with using Adobe Premiere Pro, and its now time to reflect on some of the skills I have learnt. For example, I have learnt how to manipulate the footage with filters, different opacities, changing exposure, and messing around with some of the lighting effects. As you can see below we put on a darker filter, so that the light from the mask pops out at the audience more, whilst keeping his surroundings dark but his mask and eyes lit up with the sharp, blue light. This helps represent how he is in darkness, hiding from the girl (grace) which is what a stalker would do, so it makes it more conventional, and therefore the audience can follow the narrative.

Another example of a way we have played with the effects within Premiere Pro is with an effect called VR Glow. Whilst going through the different effects you can do in the programme, which you can see in drop-down box in  the picture on the right hand side, we came across this effect. I really like this as it seems chaotic and creepy, but is fast, and to me it complements the random and weird emotions going on in both of their heads, and follows the general tone of this creepy, weird video. Throughout we have different light flowing into the video, and having this, as I said to us complements the mysterious, random thoughts within his head, due to the lights being so random.



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