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New, Improved and also Final Drafts!


This is the product Advert I have chosen, it is selling Ciroc, and is portrayed by a highly influential hip hop star, Diddy, which would attract the demographics I found for the artist while using, plus the Vodka could be sold to the age demographic I found.

This is the Music Advert I have chosen, advertising the song ‘Stronger’ By Kanye West. When I researched different demographics on Yougov and found who would read my magazine, I found that my target audience were males between the ages of 25 and 39- and this military style advert falls under the demographics they would like.

Both of these are the kind of adverts I would use in my magazine.

Teacher Feedback and Final Targets


Front Page:

  • Fix space by ‘on success’
  • Drop shadow on red boxes
  • Decrease space between with and Dr Dre


  • Too many pages
  • put effects on plugs and pugs


  • Get the Blue Bilal in in another area of the magazine
  • Use different font for the blue Bilal

Penultimate Drafts

Feedback on Article

Targets for Development:

  • Make Stand first text taller so that It doesn’t look too congested
  • Move the text slightly so it doesn’t confuse the readers by the zip




Article Idea Development

This is a brainstorm I had for my Article. I made the plan on the basis that my interview will be a Q&A.

Language Analysis

‘Q Magazine (September 2017), Cash for Questions: Alt-J, Paul Stokes’

What kind of article is this, and are you aware of the journalist?

This piece by Paul Stokes is styled in a Question and Answers (Q&A) format. This gives the reader a clear awareness of the journalist/interviewer, as he has written his own questions, along with the responses to the journalist from the band. As a journalist, Paul Stokes will have gathered these questions from Alt-J’s fans, so that they will read and interact with the article. This has an impact on the reader, as by asking these questions in a very direct way, it answers their own questions essentially about Alt-J, and provides the reader with responses.

What is the mode of address?

The Journalist is speaking to the reader by addressing the readers’ questions, and asking them to Alt-J. In turn, Alt-J are responding, therefore its acting as the band talking to the reader.

The Impact

This article seems very intimate and specific. It is a face to face interview, in a library, a very public space, and provides the reader with exactly how the band feels about life and their career. The fact that they answer with down to earth responses creates a link between them and the reader, it portrays them as normal people that visit libraries rather than out of reach celebrities.

Quote and word analysis

The quote, from Gus Unger-Hamilton, ‘I know being photographed in a library isn’t a good place to play down our bookish image… But I am wearing a leather jacket’ lightens the mood for the rest of the article and once again portrays the group as down to earth, normal people, by joking of how he’s seen as a nerd, which is a stereotype given to many people and a demographic of his fans. Gus also makes references to Willy Wonka, relating through a metaphor of how he wants his music to be like the chewing gum made by Willy Wonka (The fictitious chocolatier of y Dahl’s book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), which never loses its flavour.

The reader’s experience

The reader experiences essentially a one on one conversation with the band, as their questions are being asked, and are being answered as if it were to them.


The journalist conveys the Indie band, Alt-J, in a good light. The stars come across very well through his writing, and would please the reader, in my opinion. They are portrayed as caring, kind, funny, and nice, and we know that the writer hasn’t fabricated this, due to the use of quotes, and all the answers being said exactly word for word by the band themselves.









Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

Summarised Feedback and Targets:

Front Cover:

  • White could be a little flat
  • Put an underline underneath ‘BEAT’
  • Add more plugs

Contents page:

  • Likes the Facebook and Twitter
  • Needs another plug
  • Enjoys fire effect
  • Bolden writing

Double Page spread:

  • Likes zip
  • Likes quotes
  • Take out the free poster
  • Add page numbers
  • Could add BEAT logo


My Work in Progress


My Front Cover – You can click on the png for the PDF to see it in better quality

My Contents Page – You can click on the png for the PDF to see it in better quality

My Double Page Spread – You can click on the png for the PDF to see it in better quality







A new Improved double page spread

This is a new and improved draft of my double page spread. I added some insets, and took some quotes from Tupac to make it look more authentic to my genre. After making this I have broadened my skills, and feel much better with Photoshop and Indesign. I tried new things, for example I used the pen tool to move all the text to the right so it didnt touch the black on the background, I will explain in more detail in my next post ‘Design Skills 2’.

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