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Final Website

This is the finished website. Click on the picture to go to the website.

This is a very early screenshot of my first try at the website. Since then, I have changed the layout, added clearer navigation, more images, and better fonts and ideas that suit Kezra’s star image much better. I have also added animation since then, making it a more pleasurable website for the consumer.

Website Previous Student’s work

The website is very accessible, being a website which has all the information if you scroll down. However, you can also use the drop down titles at the top, which will take you to their latest Video, what they are about, their discography, their tour dates, their media and their merchandise.

The focus point on the page is a video that pops up as soon as you click on the site, which persuades viewers of the website to discover their music.

I found out all about their artists, under the ‘About’ tab, which taught me about the xx, them being an english indie group, where they formed, what they do and how they became successful.

This website alongside the Digipak communicates a consistent brand image, matching in colours and moods. This makes the two items work well as a team at assisting the selling of their products to the public, and providing awareness of who they are and what they are doing. Blumler and Katz, two media theorists, came up with a theory called Uses and Gratifications in relation to media, and this is a way of understanding why and how people look for specific medias to satisfy their needs.

This states that people need to see information, personal identity, social interaction and entertainment in order to agree with the media. With this website, there is information about the band, which is good, there is personal identity, there are ways to socially interact through going to tours, there are videos and there is music to entertain the viewer, or to persuade them to listen to their product. 

In terms of Blumler and Katz’s Uses and Gratifications, the website does fulfil the need for information for consumers, due to its specific ‘About’ bar which describes them, as well as having Tour dates, Contact information and a list of their discography.

Personal identity is how people relate to them. Talking about themselves in the about section and how they weren’t famous portrays them in a light of them being equal to normal every day people. The social media links also give us an insight of their lives as they post their day to day life, for example watching TV and eating, like common people makes them relate.

It also reinforces their social interaction as the merchandise gives consumers a chance to be apart of a community. They have a media page of stories that they can follow, as well as on social media, which portrays this.

It also entertains the audience, as they can watch and listen to their music without trouble, as well as read about their lives and follow them on social media.



Website Draft 1

Click on picture to take you to the website draft.

Web Page Conventions

This is a Screen Castify Mia and I have done going through a similar artist’s website. This acted as help to us and helped us discover what we want and don’t want on our website. We explain the meaning of AIDA and how it is used here.

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