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My Tour Poster

This is my tour poster of G. Kelly, the Hip Hop star. I took this photo with a green screen, and used In-design to make it into a poster. In the future I will try to add more text, for example adding the price.

My Tour Poster


This is  a Moodboard of Hip Hop and Rap tour posters and album covers. I made this to help inspire me in designing and making my own tour poster, and have learnt that most of these posters highlight the main cover star, and emphasise the dates and times of their performances. I will need to include this type of design in my poster too, in order to make it look authentic and for it to suit the genre.

This is a quick sketch I did of what I’d like to see on the magazine, just drew it to get an idea of proportions and where to place the photo, etc.

My copy of a professional magazine front page


This is my copy of an NME magazine cover. My copy of the magazine is on the top, and the real magazine is on the bottom. I made this copy with Adobe Indesign, a software which I had never used before. I will be using this software when I come to making my own magazine cover, and have found doing this copy very useful in terms of learning how to use and work the software.  I have solidified what I’ve learnt about what has to be on a magazine cover, and will use this information I have learnt when making my own magazine cover.

Three things that went well for me were:

  • Doing the colour scheme of the cover
  • Adding the picture of Joe Strummer
  • Finding Serif and Sans Serif fonts that matched the real cover as best as possible

Three things that I could have been more successful with were:

  • Couldn’t find the perfect font for the title, ‘NME’
  • Some of my proportions were off
  • Rescaling the Indesign page

Here are 3 Tutorial videos that I found that could help do this.

Lick & Stick mock up

Image result for nme joe strummer

We analysed this magazine by the famous NME magazine and its conventional and technical design features, to find out about different proportions, to learn the key terms fully and to know how to make our magazine when we do it, stand out. I have learnt that we need to make our main cover line, our main cover star and mast head prominent.

Technical Camera Terms

As you can see, above is my contact sheet, portraying all of the photos our group took when trying to produce our moodboard. We experimented with framing, focus, high-key and low-key lighting, as well as different camera angles such as canted, high angles, and low angles. By  doing this, I learnt all of what makes a photo contain meaning- and how to convey it.

The Camera Talks

This is my moodboard of different camera angles, distances and different kinds of shots. As you can see, we experimented with lots of close up shots, longshots, canted shots, and low and high angles. I have used hashtags to portray to the reader again what we’ve been trying to convey. Framing can help represent a n aesthetic picture too, one which is pleasing to the viewers eye. We also experimented with the aperture of the camera, making the background blurry whereas one particular thing is focused, such as the picture in the top-middle. I am going to use lots of different techniques with camera angles, lighting, and more to convey meaning in my music magazine, to show meaning through pictures.

My image that uses mise-en-scene for meaning

This is our final picture from our contact sheet and our mood board of our genre, Hip Hop/Rap. As you can see we had an attempt at looking like a hip hop star or rapper, but once we researched it and made a mood board, we felt me made a more accurate representation of the style, as opposed to our practice.

In my magazine, I will use what I have learnt here to convey a true look of the genre that I’m doing. I will make sure the clothing, the props, the make-up, the lighting, the angles, and more are correct to suit the genre.

Print media that communicates meaning

I have deconstructed this album cover ‘Renegades’ by Feeder, and have learnt that every picture has a story and a meaning. Everything is put in place for a reason. For example, the balaclava the woman is wearing was put there to show that this group is rebellious and possibly dangerous. Every font, every symbol, every colour, is put there to entice their target audience.

In my music magazine, I will use what I have learnt to do the same thing, I will place specific symbols, fonts, colours, and more in the magazine to portray a meaning to my target audience.

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