Here is my complete set of drafts. This includes my front page, contents page and double-page spread.

I then received feedback on my magazine

From the feedback I was given I can tell that what was successful which is:

  • Likes the banners and the interaction from Chartz on the side
  • Likes the masthead font being carried over to the contents page
  • Likes the number and inserts on contents page
  • Likes how the numbers from the inserts go with the images.

The parts that can be improved are:

  • changing the photos of Rihanna to Smillie so that it is my photo
  • Bringing more colour (green and pink) to the front cover
  • Making the inserts images bigger with more of a pop genre( add shadow)
  • Adding a page number to the Emma and Smillie image
  • Don’t use full stops on the mini headlines and use a more classic font from the cover to the sans serif under.
  • Moving the boxes and numbers overlapping the headlines
  • Move the quote up on the double-page spread
  • Use the same font from the title to the quote
  • Centre the bottom left article question and look at spacing
  • Add “Smillie out on location shoot”
  • Centre banner quotes
  • The double-page is looking more indie than pop genre, change the grey background