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I have also picked 2 adverts that would be suitable to use in my magazine and that go with the pop genre and can appeal to my target audience. I have chosen these specific adverts as I feel they will best attract my audience as they are very bright and eye-catching presenting a certain vibe to go along with the rest of my magazine.

This first advert will appeal to my audience as Ariana Grande is very appealing to this genre and is well known in the music industry with any fans. The singer is also very fashionable and trendy which will draw my target audience in. It also sets the same tone as the smile is the same as my models have used throughout the magazine. The pink colour stands out bringing glamorous side to the advert which is great for my popular,care-free younger target audience.

The second advert I have chosen was for a clothing brand called Pretty Little Things as it is aimed at my younger target audience focuses on affordable and fashionable clothing. I feel that this advert will catch my audiences attention. It is very bright, summery and eye-catching. There isn’t lots of information with minimal text to read which the younger audience can just see the information needed instead of a large amount of content.

Overall, I think both of my adverts fit my pop genre and the overall magazine and content. This will help to attract my targetted audience as the information is specific and relevant but also kept to a minimum. From previous research, I have acknowledged that my audience like celebrities, music and fashion which are included throughout both of my adverts.

A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my new draft of my full music magazine. I have made a few changes to the front page and adjusted parts to the contents page.

On the front cover I:

  • Made the name Emma bigger
  • Brought pink and green boxes adjusting the opacity
  • Moved Eminem and other singers across and the barcode.
  • Added a quote to the green box by Katy Perry

From my feedback the changes I have made to the contents page are:

  • Moving the boxes and numbers more into the headlines and lined them up with each other
  • I have added an article number to the main content image and adjusted where I put their names
  • I have unstretched the picture so it fits the box better
  • The insert images I have added more green and pink boxes and added drop shadow
  • I have also added Dua Lipa onto the image so it relates to the article
  • Changed the and to the symbol &
  • Added an Instagram following to bottom left

The double-page spread I have:

  • Changed the grey background to green to go with Smillie and the pop genre
  • I have moved my quote about Shakira down to go with the banner of pictures
  • I have centred the lyrics so that they look more like lyrics than texts
  • I have made one of the text from the questions fit box the same style as the rest
  • Used the & instead of and
  • Spaced out the burning cities lyric


Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my complete set of drafts. This includes my front page, contents page and double-page spread.

I then received feedback on my magazine

From the feedback I was given I can tell that what was successful which is:

  • Likes the banners and the interaction from Chartz on the side
  • Likes the masthead font being carried over to the contents page
  • Likes the number and inserts on contents page
  • Likes how the numbers from the inserts go with the images.

The parts that can be improved are:

  • changing the photos of Rihanna to Smillie so that it is my photo
  • Bringing more colour (green and pink) to the front cover
  • Making the inserts images bigger with more of a pop genre( add shadow)
  • Adding a page number to the Emma and Smillie image
  • Don’t use full stops on the mini headlines and use a more classic font from the cover to the sans serif under.
  • Moving the boxes and numbers overlapping the headlines
  • Move the quote up on the double-page spread
  • Use the same font from the title to the quote
  • Centre the bottom left article question and look at spacing
  • Add “Smillie out on location shoot”
  • Centre banner quotes
  • The double-page is looking more indie than pop genre, change the grey background

A New Improved Contents Page

Here is my new improved contents page which has I achieved all my own personal targets. I also had a conversation with a peer to asses my contents page and what she thought is good and what could be better and make it as successful as possible.

Here is my recorder peer assessment:


Feedback from my peer included:

  • Contents page looks more modern and feminine than the front cover
  • Use more fonts from the contents page to cover



Draft of Content Page


What’s New:

  • I have included page numbers and content related
  • Images to give an insight into the genre and style of my magazine
  • Graphic design such as the bright pink boxes

What’s Next

  • Get a reminder of the magazine’s name by adding a caption
  • Name the main image on the content page
  • Add a border around my main content page Image. I could
    enhance the layout by adding graphic icons such as dots and

What is a Contents Page?

My 3 Draft Content Pages

This includes 5 catchy headlines

Reflecting on all content pages I have noticed similarities throughout.

This includes:

  • page numbers
  • Images relating to specific articles
  • Graphic designs

However the placement on each page and the layout changes throughout each context page.

Some magazines had extra features such as:

  • Quotes
  • Mission statements
  • Hyperbole.

All these technical convention help to provide interesting and informative content which can help give an insight into which pages the readers want to view and entice them in.

One contents page I like imparticular is the Vibe Magazine about Miguel and Kendrick Lamar

This content page is very simple with the basic white and black colour scheme, this makes the information stand out on the page through the eye-catching bold page numbers. The titles are full of catchy caption and the brand logo standouts in red. Which the image links to one of the articles giving an insight already for what’s to come.


A New Improved DPS

What’s new:

  • Adding a bright banner with lyrics and quotes.
  • The orange of the banner matched the text and neon aesthetic.
  • I have added a byline and credit to the photographer to make clear how the article was made.

What’s next:

  • Making the quotation stand out by changing the typeface.
  • Focus on the lines on the orange banner I have added and make sure they are all the same colour and opacity.

Feedback & Reflection on Draft DPS

Reflecting on my First Draft of my Double Page Spread I have received feedback.

Feedback from my peers include :

  • Add lyrics
  • Add more graphic design
  • Make the typeface for the questions clearer

Feedback from my teacher included :

  • Adding a banner with a bright colour to go alongside the text
  • Add Quotes
  • Add by lines

Targets for development:

I have already added features such as changing the opacity of a banner and making mini pictures in a Polaroid form to give an insight to Amy’s personality. I also added different typefaces and sizes and spacing to make the text stand out easily on the page.

My next step is taking on board these comments by adding a banner and making sure all necessary features are there such as page numbers.  I will also add more exciting quotes and lyrics to make the article more personal and exciting.

Draft of The Double Page Spread

Please click on it to see a larger version

This is the first draft of my double page spread. I am happy at this stage as I have all the necessary features and have some eye catching ideas which goes with the aesthetic of my page. However there are still improvements that can be added.

Second Shoot Contact Sheet

Here are my contact sheets from my latest shoot:

My 6 Strong Images :

So far I have met the aims stated in my stated in my production meeting as I have achieved a range of different images from high angles to mid shots. I also feel that they provide a narrative as the outfits provide a stylish vibe and the props helped to implement a story into my images. This all helped follow my genre of pop music.

The day went well despite the weather. We managed to time when to do our shoot throughout hail and heavy rainfall. We found some secretive and exciting spots and provided some adventures shoots. Next time I would make sure that my settings are right from that start as we struggled with some brightness issues at first.

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