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Critical Reflection 01

How does your music video use of challenge conventions…form, genre, star image, narrative…?
How do your music video represent social groups or issues?

Music Video Draft 3

Below is my Draft 3 video – 

The things that have changed since our Draft 2 include:

  • Going over the lip-syncing to fit the song better
  • Looking at clips to make sure they are on the beat
  • Positioning and scale to zoom in shots to fit the space
  • Getting rid of the existing transition that didn’t quite fit the style of video
  • Playing with the colour – black and white for narrative until our model realizes he is good enough
  • Shortening clips, such as the wraps before the fight and including more montage

5x YouTube Comments from Peers / Audience.

Targets for improvement: 

  • Add more colour to performance clips
  • Look at adding more affects
  • Check Lip-syncing again


Teacher Feedback – Screen Castify

Below I have attached the Screen Castify of my teacher’s feedback:

From the feedback, we have received from our teacher. We need to make sure we duplicate the timeline on Premiere Pro for the next edit. We can go back and have a record of what we have done.  The narrative is clear. However, there can be some changes to make the narrative even clearer. The lip-syncing and clips need to be on the beat, such as when he is sat on the bench at the royal terrace the lip sync can be adjusted and the boxing gloves on the beat with the next clip at the start.

We are also not making enough of the ring. Especially at the end when it is left behind. The shot of the ring close up should be before the performance and connected to the ring before. 

The positive part of the performance is the good frame within frames to portray confinement. However, we should reframe some shots by zooming out to crop the space and make the shot more interesting and shots such as the punch bag should be cut quickly and not have the whole tilt of the boxing bag. 

The transition which we were told through our Specsavers feedback, our teacher believes is more comedic and out of place in our video.

Furthermore, our model’s reaction to the ring could be after he has lost the fight and before he decides to fight back. 

But for our next draft, we should be able to play with the narrative and having some more training before he wins to see if this is easier for our audience to understand for the narrative. 

Finally, he thinks the narrative should be black and white to distinguish what we have from the performance. Could have it back to colour by the end. We should just play around and see what works best or to keep the clips in colour.

Targets for Development:

  • Focus on lipsyncing clips and that they are in a time
  • Make sure the shots are on the beat
  • Make more of the ring (Close up)
  • Get rid of the transitions that were added (have a play with other ones)
  • Play with the colour – see if this distinguishes the performance more

Reflecting on our targets and teacher feedback, we will have to look at specific areas such as the transitions as a group and decide what steps to take forward because we received differing feedback from our Teacher and Specsavers.

Furthermore, I think that the idea presented by our teacher about the two fights, one in which he loses and realises his problems and starts again and then wins could be a good idea and that we should try it to see if our narrative becomes clearer. However, it may defeat the structure of our narrative that we tried to imply throughout our Draft 2. As he looks at the ring leaves it and is upset but as he gets beaten up he realises that this is his passion and he can get over the heartbreak and leave the ring behind.


Specsavers Feedback

Specsavers visited our media group and had a chat with each group about or music videos as a whole.

The feedback we received included:

  • Using smaller clips of the narrative and cut back if the lipsyncing is not as good at times
  • Adding an adjustment layer above to change the whole colour instead of different saturations over each clip
  • Being able to enlarge the videos instead of cropping which left us with one side of the video black
  • Being able to add keys in order to enlarge and zoom videos on premier pro and move the video to the correct place
  • Adding certain transitions to some shots if needed (such as from the action shots to static shots) or to link shots together and add movement for them to interlink.

Overall we knew that we had to finish the edit of our new performance and so that the narrative and performance are interlinked and portraying the right story to our audience. By getting this as the basis, we can then start adding the effects, transitions and adjustment layers going forward.

Music Video Draft 2 (Includes shoot 2 footage)

Draft 2 Video

Overall I believe that our performance music video draft 2 allowed us to create a better chronology between the narrative and the performance. By changing the song, performer and location we were able to have a greater range of engaging shots and angles and it presented our RnB genre in a better way.

Examples of shots we think went well:

The montage shots of the boxing club

The Framing of our model taking the shot

Targets for improvement:

  • Making sure that the clips chosen have the best lip-syncing with the song.
  • Making sure the structure is presented throughout with some transitions
  • Fading the song out at the end instead of the complete stop of the song
  • Making sure the contrast of the shots are as best as they can be by editing the exposure
  • Adding Adjustment layers for any effects that we can add

Shoot 2 Reflection (Narrative)

Evaluation of shoot 2:

Overall the narrative shoot allowed us to get a range of shots, such as framing, high angels and close-ups to convey each moment and have a range of shots to add to our edit. We experimented with clips for a montage and action shots. The shoot was organised with specific times and we had each moment we wanted to convey so the narrative could be easily understood by our audience.

Targets for pickups / next shoot:

  • More focused shots (make sure the camera is focused on the correct objects to convey a message)
  • Focus more on the action shots to make them more dramatic then they could have been
  • Awareness of the mirrors around us, so that when we were filming that we weren’t in the shots

Design Skills 2

We have used Premier Pro throughout our shots through exploring the different effects and how we can make the clips fit the frame in order to convey the narrative most to the audience and give structure to the music video.

The design skills we have used include:

Position and Scale

By enlarging the scale in a range of our clips, such as the boxing gloves on the main model after he wins his fight. This enabled us to convey the power of the star as he wins the fight and as he overcomes the stress and feels a sense of redemption from his heart after his broken relationship. The outcome of enlarging the scale and position of the image to the centre of the frame allowed us to see the emotion of the star as he is relieved at the end compared to the anger and frustration he feels at the start of the video.


We used the camera such as for the framing of our star as he is sat on the bench unpacking feeling angry and frustrated, to give a depth of field of him compared to the boxing ring at the start. This allowed us to presented our star and structure our narrative in clear moments.

Warp Stabilizer

Finally, another skill we used would be warp stabilizer in the effects. This allowed us to get a focused extreme close up of the ring as the original clip was shakey and took away from the main focus of it being kept on the bench. The warp stabilizer improved the overall video quality of our product by being able to remove some parts of the unwanted camera shakes.



Production Meeting Updated

From out Music Video Draft 1 Rough Cut, we were not very happy with the types of shots taken and the overall style of the video as we did not think it reflected the song and the overall RnB soul type of style.

With further research and a mixture of our ideas put together, we decided to get in touch with a model who we believe would be great for our updated version of performance for our music video and found a location that would give off a chilled vibe.

Below I have attached our new performance production sheet

Furthermore, we also filled out a new risk assessment for this performance shoot

Risk Assessment

Below is the risk assessment needed in order to make sure if any risks do become a concern we can control it.


Production Meeting for Shoot 2 (Narrative)

Below I have attached the Music Magazine Production Agenda for my narrative shoot. This includes the times, location, costume and props for the shoot.



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