October 30

So…I’m ready to make some media

When I’m making my own magazine, I will first need to consider my target audience. Knowing who my target audience is will help me design the in a way that appeals most to my reader also it will influence me in my choice of fonts, colours and images. I will also need to consider what genre I want the magazine the to portray, I can do this by considering what camera angles and settings I use.

I can make my magazine appear desirable to my target audience trough mise-en-scene, page layout and using different camera techniques. Through mise-en-scene I can make sure the picture shows off the intended genre. For example, I will need to pick a costume that is fitted to the genre of my magazine. If I was to do a hard rock magazine my model would be wearing lots of dark leather to give the model that angry intimidating vibe. Another key aspect I should consider is body language and facial expression. If I was doing a hard rock magazine my model would look serious and have a strong pose.

The layout of my magazine is also another important aspect to consider. I need to consider where my audience will be looking most of the time, I can do this by using my knowledge of the rule of thirds, also, I can position the model in a way where they are look directly at the main headline. I also need to remember that blank space can be effective.

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