November 13

So… I am ready to photograph my star

I am now prepared enough to photograph my model. For  my front cover image I will stick to a mid shot, this will mean the main focus will me on my main cover stars face and I can ensure that they portray the right type of vibe my magazine is trying to convey. The lighting will be warm giving the main cover star a serious look.

I will also make it so my main cover star has striking make up, such as red eye-shadow; the connotation of red is anger. Rock music is angry and full of passion and with the make up and facial expression of my model I will be able to clearly highlight the rage I want the to show.  Also taking these images will give me a chance to use my knowledge of mise-en-scene and demonstrate my understanding of how I can apply it to my music genre.

Posted 13th November 2017 by kirstenmcilroy in category Creative Critical Reflection comp 1

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