December 16

Design skills 1

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Development from left to right.

Since starting production of my music magazine I have acquired many new skills on both InDesign and Photoshop. For example on InDesign I have learnt how to add a drop shadow on aspects such as my photos and writing. Although this would seem insignificant it has impacted my work greatly as it helps draw attention to the writing or the photo I need to stand out rather than blending into the background.

As well as acquiring new skills on InDesign I have learnt new skills in Photoshop. Before starting media studies I had little to no experience with Photoshop and have now gained a variety of basic skills as well as some more complex one. The most useful skill I have learnt in Photoshop is also one of the most basic, this was learning how to cut out my star image from the background, this was a very useful skill as I am now able to export my images onto InDesign.


One of the more complex skill that I have learnt on Photoshop is how to edit the colouring of my photos. This skill is very useful as it can help to convey the narrative I want my music magazine to have. For example if I wanted the photo to appear more warm and inviting I could adjust the colour levels to a yellow/orange tint. However if wanted the model to appear more cold and cut-off I would make it so there in a blue/ purple tint. The colouring of the photo contributes to the overall narrative as it helps convey certain moods that may be associated with a certain genre. For example rock is supposed to be angry.

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