December 16

Design skills 2

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Throughout media I have acquired loads of new skills on both InDesign and Photoshop, mostly during the time I have been designing my music magazine. Some of the skills I have learnt are more basic however throughout the time I have been doing media studies my capability on these pieces of software have become more advanced.

Development shown from left to right.

On my previous design skills post I had demonstrated how I had learnt how to cut out an image however I still had one big problem. The wand tool would sometimes not be able to recognise the difference between the background and the star image, in order to fix this I would take the eraser tool and trace along the edge of my model to show a clear separation between the model and the background. This has helped my work greatly as if I had not learnt this skill I would have not been able to use the photo I have chosen for my double page spread.

One of the skills that I have learnt on InDesign is editing the transparency of my writing, I learnt this by experimenting with different effects. This helps improve my double page spread as it links well with my article. Giving it this effect, gives it a street vibe and contributes to the overall narrative.


Finally I have learnt how to edit my writing, For example how to give my writing a different colour outline, As you can see the numbers on my contents page have a black inside but a red outline. Had I just made the numbering entirely red it would have been overpowering, however had I made the numbering entirely white like the other writing it would make my contents page appear disorganised.


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