December 16

So…How is it going?

The designing of my magazine so far is going well. I believe that I have reflected my genre through various aspects such as colour scheme for example due to my genre being alternative rock I have made sure that I have used bold colours such as white, black and red these colours help convey a strong, serious message. However I did not overuse colours such as black and red as they can be quite overpowering and  did not want to distract from key aspects of my magazine.

I have also demonstrated my genre well with the mise-en-scene of my images this is conveyed through the costume and make up of my main cover star; my main cover star has dark bold make up giving her an unapproachable vibe, also the costume of my main cover star is a simple white t-shirt and an oversized flannel shirt, this makes her seem relatable.

Also, the insets I have used are relevant to my genre, they are about music and what festivals you can attend, I ensure I included insets that would intrigue my audience. Making sure your magazine shows continuity is important, to ensure I did this I kept the same fonts and colour scheme. This is important as had I suddenly changed this the brand that I am trying to convey would have been lost.

Overall I believe the designing of my magazine is going really well, however I have ran into issues such as how I can structure the column on my double page spread but with a bit of experimenting with different layouts the problem can be easily resolved.


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