January 30

So… How did it go?

Throughout this experience I have learnt a load of new skills software such as indesign and Photoshop; I previously had no experience on either network. As well as requiring new skills that are specifically exclusive to media studies I have also learnt other IT skills that are applicable to other subjects.

The production of my music magazine has taught me how I am able to attract my desired audience a variety of way such as mise-en-scene and camera angles. I now know the importance of how every aspect of a photo works together to convey a certain narrative.

When it came time to start using both InDesign and Photoshop I had to experiment with different fonts, colour schemes and layouts. I had to ensure that all of these aspects were working in a way to portray my chosen genre.

The feedback I have received throughout making my magazine has been very important as it has helped me to develop my magazine for the better as well as further develop my skill set. I have realised that getting feedback is essential in improving you magazine as sometimes you are not able to spot a typo or whether it is all aligned.

Overall I am really happy with how my music magazine turned out. I have worked hard, listened to feedback and done research into my genre. I believe my final product conveys my brand well.


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