May 13

Shoot reflection (Performance)


Above is a video from our first shoot


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Having done our shoot for the performance I have now realised the importance of checking all of your equipment thoroughly is extremely important. Our group had to do our shoot in two parts as we realised the tripod we originally had used was missing one of the adjustments meaning  we were not able to get every angle or shot. Also due to a clashing of schedules we were only able to take a DSLR camera affecting our ability to experiment with exposure and the slow motion feature. Overall our first shoot was a bit of disaster as all these issues were followed up by a car getting stuck on the beach affecting our shot.

Although this was an inconvenience at the time it was definitely for the better as this allowed us the time to devise a clear plan for what shots we needed to get and think of some visual metaphors for our video; this will help us convey what the feeling of the song is.However there was a slight worry that the weather may have been bad which would affect aspects of our mise-en-scene such as lighting and setting, luckily the weather was good.  In addition to this we were able to get a DSLR camera for this shoot allowing us to zoom in and experiment with other features it includes. The follow shoot was a success as we had an overall better idea of what we needed to do and the shots we needed to get. Doing the performance shoot has made me realise just how much planning and work goes in to a shoot and has better prepared me when it comes time to shoot our narrative performance, also it has taught me to always check the equipment over.

Targets for next time:

  • Make sure all the equipment is in working order as it can seriously effect the quality of a shot.
  • Have a clear list of what shots we need to get, this will ensure we use our time effectively and when it comes time to editing we won’t sit there and realise we have forgotten any important bits.
  • Make a group chat with everyone involved, this will help keep the shoot organised and everyone will know what they are responsible for.



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