May 17

Narrative development

Above is our narrative plan including the type of structure we are going to use and is a general idea of what we are going to do for our beginning, middle and end.  We decided that we were going to go with an anachronic structure as we want to include flashback to represent why the star is feeling the way they are, it will also help to give context to the video, above will give a clear break down of what those flashbacks will be and how they fit in with the narrative.

We decided that we were going to do the flashbacks to show this on-going exclusion, we will do this by using different visual metaphors.The mise-en-scene for the visual metaphors will have it so the friends are almost duplicated of each other so they will be dressed entirely in the same colour they will both have the same hair style and make up style, whereas the main star will be the opposite.  Have the stars contrast with one another will represent how she id somehow distinct from them.  These three flashbacks help to lead up to the climax of the music video where she has a breakdown and realises that her friends consistently neglect her feelings. Therefore the flashbacks act as a disequilibrium.

After the music video has reached its climax the star see that she has a message on her phone that is one of her friends asking where she is and this is when she breaks the fourth wall finally connecting with the audience. By ending the video here we are creating a sense of mystery to what happened to her after the video.

We decided to go with an amplified narrative as it does relate to the song however it doesn’t closely echo the words of the song it does compliment the themes.

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