June 10

Audience ideologies

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To find the typical audience member of our genre of music we looked at the typical audience member of Florence And The Machine, through this we were able to get a feel for the general psychographic and demographic of and audience member. We found that our genre mainly appeals to females aged 21-24 and are typically left wing. In addition to this YouGov showed us what celebrities they like and found they enjoyed people such as Louis Theroux and David Attenborough. Also they do prefer the indie genre enjoying artist such as Mumford and Sons, Hozier and James Bay; they rarely skew over into mainstream pop music. View YouGov Profile below.


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Having looked into the reception theory (presented by Stuart Hall) I now realise that you need to analyse your target audience in depth. Hall argues that the audience decodes what the producer encodes and how they read the text is dependant on their demographics and cultural competence. Looking at Halls ideas we started talking about aspects of the audience identity such as political stance and social class as it gives us a better idea of who the audience is.

In this task we had to consider how the audience would decode our piece of media to ensure that we are aiming it at the preferred demographic/ psychographic. When creating a piece of media you want to ensure that you are creating a preferred reading for your target audience so they do not completely reject what you create.  Through this we found that the uses and gratifications (Blumler and Katz)  are a combination of self identity and entertainment as the typical audience member of indie pop tend to be thrill seekers and artsy.


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