June 10

Music video- draft 2 (Includes narrative)

Here is Draft 2 of our music video! With this draft we needed to include both performance and narrative and ensure it was lip synced and edited to the beat of the song. This task also helped us identify any low quality or missing shots that we may need to replace. We were also able to see how well the narrative went with the song. For a second draft I believe it was successful as we were able to expand our skills on Adobe Premiere Pro, for example we needed to add a flash of white over one of our shots and through premiere pro we could layer it over the shot.

Targets for next time:

  • Get some additional narrative shots so we have more angles to work with, for example the shot when she flings the make up of her desk.
  • Add some transitions as the video does appear jumpy; for example the flashback would look better if the previous shot dissolved into it.
  • Experiment with some effects to further the quality of our work such a filters.


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