June 10

Shoot evaluation (Narrative)

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Our narrative shoot took place over two separate days due conflicting schedules. The first shoot we needed to get the shots of the flashbacks as they provided us with the polaroids we need for the present day. To shoot the flash backs we needed to consider things such as costume changes and different locations. Due to the load of changes communication was key as we needed to ensure all the models brought the right type of clothing and they knew what makeup they need. Luckily the first narrative shoot ran smoothly as we went in with a clear plan of what shots we needed, we were able to do this through previously creating a detailed storyboard.

Originally we were planning on doing the next narrative shoot the next day because it would have been less chaotic as not as many costume changes or actors would have been needed, however due to a last minute cancelation we were unable to get the shots then. This was not a major problem due to having the entire week to shoot, also this gave us a better chance to prepare some of the smaller details, for example the invitation. The invitation helped to give some context to why she is getting ready. Also in the first shoot we ran out of polaroid shots so we were able to quickly make one so it wouldn’t effect our continuity.

We were able to reschedule our second shoot and were able to get all the shots which were essential, however it may benefit our work to do another shoot and get some additional angles to further the quality of our work.

Targets for next time:

  • Communicate online to ensure no time is wasted on procrastinating what shots are needed.
  • Be more experimental with shots; even if they do not work out well we still have our main shots.

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