June 11

Feedback from teacher

Above is the feedback we ave received from our teacher highlighting what we have done well and what we can do to improve our music video further. Getting this feedback will be essential in the development of our music video.

What went well:

  • Connecting with the singer straight away is effective.
  • Good use of slow motion on aspects of the video such as the waves and the dress.
  • The cut to close ups help the actor to connect with the audience better.
  • Breaking the fourth wall is used appropriately.
  • The narrative of the video is good and clear.
  • Good framing

Targets for draft 3:

  • Make the first shot of her singing slightly longer so she is able to fully connect with the audience.
  • Using match on action would help improve the quality of the video.
  • Need pick up shots of the polaroids so the audience has a clear idea of what she is looking at; so they are pivotal to the story.
  • Adding a filter on the flashbacks would help to distinguish the two sets of time.
  • Add some more abstract shots like we have of the waves and the dress.
  • Don’t over use a shot such as the waves.
  • ┬áNeed to get more pick up shots and close ups of the actors facial expressions to help convey the anxiety she is feeling. Also we need more shots of the actor swiping the makeup off of the table and her tearing down the polaroids.

After receiving this feedback me and my partner now need to go and plan another shoot in order to get all of these shots which with help further the quality of our video. It will also be useful to us look at Premier Pro tutorials so we can widen our editing skills.

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