June 29

Music video- Draft 3

Above is the third draft for our music video. prior to editing the draft 3 we decided to get extra pick up shots such as close ups of her wiping off her lipstick, this is to help the star connect more with the audience. In addition to this we also added more abstract shots to help represent the general feeling of the star. Whilst editing draft 2 we only managed had two abstract shots which were the waves and the dress flowing through the shot, after receiving feedback from the teacher we realised that these two shots became overused making the video boring, this led to our decision to get our star to throw some pebbles through the shot and also plan to get a shot of her stacking a bunch of rocks and then knocking them down.

After completing our draft 3 I emailed it to some of of my peers to get feedback on how to make our video even better. This advise will be essential in bettering our video.

What went well:

  • Good use of mise-en-scene. Having one of the dresses as black and restricted shows how she feels like she is contained in a box, where as the red flowing dress is a good representation of freedom.
  • Good use of pick up shots.
  • Clear narrative and good use of polaroids to give context, also nice structure.
  • Great performance location as it shows contrast between the narrative setting.

The feedback we received:

  • Use colour correction to help convey the sad feeling of the star. For example giving the narrative will more blue tons will help to convey a sad feeling.
  • ┬áSome of the shots are a bit out of focus.
  • The lip syncing is a bit out in some of the shots.
  • Adding some lens flares to some of the performance shots would be really effective. This will help to show the contrast between the two sides of the star where one is more happier.
  • Needs more post production skills.
  • Some shots should be made shorter
  • Some of the dancing comes acroos a bit awkward.


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