July 2

Production skills evaluation 2

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Another skill that we have acquired during the creation of our music video is adding an adjustment layer in order to add the same colour correction on top of multiple shots. This saved a lot of time as the alternative was to individually set the same correction on every single shot. In order to add an adjustment layer. In order to create an adjustment layer you need to select file go to new and click adjustment layer, this create a blank template for you to add the exact amount of colour correction you want on to it. To add it to another shot you simply hold down alt and drag the copy to any other shot you want  and cut the extra layer down to the right size.

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Doing draft 3 allowed us to get more experimental with some of the more advanced features that Premiere Pro offers. When doing our Genre conventions analysis we saw that the style of many of these videos had a vintage pink/blue filter. In order to create this filter we started to play around with the shadow tint and highlight tint until we got the desired filter.

After looking around at some more of the colour correction tools we discovered we were able change the overall tint of a shot and the temperature it offered. For example we wanted the waves to have a lightly more warmer tone so we changed the tint to be more on the pink side. We were also able to make the shot look a bit brighter by changing the curves.

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In the above shot shown we were not happy with the original lighting so we we decided it would be best to change the exposure and highlights of the shot to make it look brighter. Although this is a basic skill it is necessary as sometimes a shots lighting was not how you wanted it to be and it is an easy fix.


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