July 11

Music video draft 4

Above is the penultimate draft for our music video. The main changes we have made to this video is the colour corrections and the different type of filters we have used. One of our performance shots looked to dark and looked out of place compared to the others  shots, using the colour correction tool in Premiere Pro and altered effects such as the exposure and highlights.

Another change that we had made were the filters on the flashbacks and polaroid, originally it was hard to spot whether the video was in past or present, in order to show the clear distinction we added a red/blue filter on top of it to convey a feeling of nostalgia. The third main change we used was a a blur transition, this made it so our video did not appear overly jumpy and it could rum a bit more smoother.

Above is a Screencastify of feedback for our music video. This feedback is valuable to receive as it helps us better the our music video.

What we did well:

  • Good use of costumes such as the red dress.
  • The locations are very representative of the current mood.
  • The performance shots are good.
  • The close up shots are very effective.
  • Good use of breaking the fourth wall at the end.

Even better if:

  • The narrative is not clear at the beginning of the video, it would benefit to have a close up of the polaroids near the start.
  • Add more performance shots of her dancing as they are more effective and go better with the beat of the song.
  • Add in more transitions.

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