October 23

Digipak draft 1

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Above shows the first draft of our digipak and a Screencastify of the feedback we have received from our teacher. Here we have been provided some feedback on how to make our digipak better and improve it for our draft 2. The feedback we received said:

  • The digipak has been exported as ‘pages’  not ‘spreads.’
  • Good colour scheme, it is consistent throughout.
  • The image of the sunset is really good, has a nice range of colours with the oranges, pinks and blues.
  • Possible add some accent colours in, for example the compass, it may look good if one of the spikes is a different colour.
  • The front page and the back page of the digipak look to similar. The wide shot used on both makes them look the same, change the back cover.
  • The mise-en-scene is consistent throughout; the location, wistful and sad.  May look effective to add some more fun through colour.
  • The track list on the back could be more subversive. May look good to add some upper case letters randomly.- Possibly reverse some of the capitalised letters.
  • Add the strokes used on the letters of the album title and the artist names to the track list.
  • Use a different font on either ‘Bearings’ or ‘Marla Stone.’
  • Add the copy right information and a bar code.
  • Create the spines.

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