November 7

Production skills evaluation 3


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Above shows a compass that we drew up on Adobe illustrator. Prior to this neither me or my partner were familiar with this piece of software, however we needed to add to the photo to make it better and wanted to use our own work.  To draw the outline of the compass was easy as all we had to do was use the line tool, however we ran into some difficulty when filling it in.

Rather than painting it black by hand we found a quicker way, to do this we had to highlight the entire picture and use the bucket tool to fill in the parts we wanted to be black. Learning these skills on Adobe illustrator has helped us to demonstrate our technical ability and improve our digipak.


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In the photos above you are able to see how we changed aspects of the photo such as exposure, saturation and the colouring. We did this in order to make the photo fit in with our genre as previously the tones portrayed the picture to be quite bright and happy, however we needed a more mysterious vibe to be conveyed. In addition to this we were able to fix any issues on a photo that we were not happy about such as the colouring of a photo such as colouring and exposure. For example on one of the photos it was to dark and we were unable to use it, in order to fix this we were able to adjust the exposure and whites of a photo to make it brighter.

To change to tones of the picture we used Adobe photoshop and went to camera raw filter  and experiment with the various feature available until we were happy with the photo. We did this rather than using one of the more basic filters available as none of them fit in with the type of mood we were trying to illustrate.

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Above shows a photo that we ran through photoshop. As we took this photo on a separate day aspects of the photos looked noticeably different such as the make up. In order to fix this we used the patch tool on photoshop, the main use of this tool was to fix any blemishes and marks on the star that were not previously there. To use the tool you have to highlight and blemish/mark and move it over a part of the photo you would like to change it to. This tool made it so our picture all look similar and ensured our digipak didn’t look inconsistent.

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