November 14

Evaluation of web design application

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In order to create our website we used Wix. Wix allowed us to experiment with a wide range of features helping us to make our website more professional.  Being a new website to all of us it challenged out skills in making a website relevant for our audience.

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When creating our website we started with created all the different pages we wanted to include for our webpage. This allowed us to be able to create the navigation bar at the top. This is was essential for our webpage as we wanted to make sure it was clear for the audience on how to navigate through the website. On the pages tab you are also able to add in any landing pages that we may need throughout our website, this was extremely useful as you are able to easily connect and extras in. One of the landing pages we created were able to add a link to Paypal and Itunes. To do this we made the pictures of our digipak buttons so the audience are able to purchase or stream the music.

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The finale page we worked on was the page that included our gallery and different news stories about our star. Wix offered a wide range of different structures for the photos so we decided to do the slide show.



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