November 7

Production skills evaluation 3


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Above shows a compass that we drew up on Adobe illustrator. Prior to this neither me or my partner were familiar with this piece of software, however we needed to add to the photo to make it better and wanted to use our own work.  To draw the outline of the compass was easy as all we had to do was use the line tool, however we ran into some difficulty when filling it in.

Rather than painting it black by hand we found a quicker way, to do this we had to highlight the entire picture and use the bucket tool to fill in the parts we wanted to be black. Learning these skills on Adobe illustrator has helped us to demonstrate our technical ability and improve our digipak.


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In the photos above you are able to see how we changed aspects of the photo such as exposure, saturation and the colouring. We did this in order to make the photo fit in with our genre as previously the tones portrayed the picture to be quite bright and happy, however we needed a more mysterious vibe to be conveyed.

To change to tones of the picture we used Adobe photoshop and went to camera raw filter  and experiment with the various feature available until we were happy with the photo. We did this rather than using one of the more basic filters available as none of them fit in with the type of mood we were trying to illustrate.

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Above shows a photo that we ran through photoshop. Before running it through photoshop we  decided to touch up a few blemishes in order to make it like our other photos. One of the more important tools that we used was the patch tool. To use this tool we draw round the blemish that we want to get rid of, and drag it over a part of a face, this gets rid of the any blemish making it as if the photo was taken on the same day.


November 7

Flowchart and preferred template

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Above shows the template that we are going to follow for our website. In doing this task it will help us to create a template for our website and ensure that our website follows a clear structure and doesn’t look disorderly. Me and my partner created this template after researching various musicians websites and were able to get a good idea of what an artist website includes and how they are structured.

In addition to having the basic structure for our music video we have added in other important aspects of what our website needs to include such as the navigation area and the hero shot. Now we have done this task me and my partner feel confident to begin the production of our website as we have a good structure to follow.

October 23

Evaluation of shoot


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During our shoot we needed to get 50-100 photos so we had a range of different poses, shots and angles to choose from. Overall our shoot was a success due to the prior planning that went it. Having our production meeting agenda made it so we had a clear plan of what makeup- costume and the different shots we needed to get. Without our production meeting agenda we would have had to have another shoot as we would most likely not have enough shots to design our digipak.

For our shoot we used the cliffs and the bathing pools as they were both nice and open areas giving us the opportunity to experiment with different backgrounds as the two locations were so close to one another. Overall this shoot was a success as we exceeded the amount of shots we have and have a load of different shots that can be used in the production of our digipak.

October 15

Web Page Conventions

Above is a Screencastify of an analysis of Marina and the Diamonds website. In this analysis we considered aspects such as the different conventions, user experience and the design of the website. This in-depth analysis will be crucial in creating our webpage as it has given us a better idea of how design and layout affect the audiences desire to visit the website and watch their videos. This task gives us more confidence in going ahead with the creation of our webpage.

October 15

Website terminology

Here is a a presentation showing the different website terminology. Before creating our website we needed to learn about the different aspects that make up a website. Learning these different conventions will will help is create a more effective webpage.  In order to learn about the different parts of the website I looked up a famous artist within our genre. This task has helped me to consider all the different aspects we will have to use in our webpage.

October 5

Contact sheets

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Above are all the photos we took on out shoot for our digipak. We are now able to select the ones that we feel will go best with our digipak. When doing our shoot we got a wide range of different shots such as establishing shots, close-ups, mid-shots, long shots and a diverse range of angles.

Choosing  the location we went with gave us the opportunity to explore a variety of different backgrounds and a variety of different of different lightings, this is good as it gives us a wide range to play with on photoshop. Also we have pictures of our star portraying a wide range of emotions and facial expressions to choose from.

In addition to this we also have experimented with different camera features such as apertures and shutter speed in order to get the best effect for our shot.  Overall I believe the shoot was a success mainly down to previous planning we had done before. Doing the planning before ensure we were not going into our shoot blind sighted and we had a good idea of what shots were essential. Having all these shots mean we are now able to start drafting our digipak.

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Here is a shortlist of of the photos we are considering to use in our digipak. We decided to short list these photos after viewing all of the photos we got. The next step we are now taking is messing around with different filters and editing techniques and making the finale decisions for our digipak.