January 27


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Above is an advert for Hard Rock cafe that I have decided to put I’m my magazine. I chose this advert because it links well with my genre go my music magazine, many people who listen to rock go to hard rock cafe as you are able to see lots of paraphernalia linked to some of the biggest bands. Not only does this advert link well with my genre but it also has a similar colour scheme with a red background and white red; it is not to over-complicated.


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Here is the second advert I have decided to go with. I decided to go with this advert for a variety of reasons, one being green day is one of the most famous bands that link to the genre of my music magazine. Also, the overall colour scheme of my the advert links in well with mine, making sure there is good consistency in my magazine. However, the main reason I have chosen this advert is the message it is portraying. I decided to go with a more politically-driven double page spread and Green Day are a band known to also be politically driven, this album being no exception. You are able to tell this by phrases they have used on the advert such as ‘Know your enemy’ and ’21st century breakdown’.

When deciding what type of adverts to go for my music magazine I decided to visit yougov.com. After looking at a profile of person who is associated with my genre I was able to get a feel of what my audience may be interested in. YouGov suggested that my target audience would be would be male and into bands such as Green Day, Guns n Roses and ACDC. My decision to go with an advert for The Hard Rock Cafe was because it is known for having band memorabilia and a general theme that my magazine is trying to convey.

January 26

Teacher feedback and targets

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Above is feedback of my penultimate drafts of my music magazine that I have received from my teacher. Through this feedback I was able to make some final targets for final development of my magazine.

Front page targets:

  • Rather than writing ‘All the alternative festivals you need to know 2018, write ‘All the alternative festivals- 2018’.
  • Make the main cover star bigger.
  • Try adding a red drop shadow on your masthead.
  • Add the price and date of the magazine.
  • Move ‘A tribute to the legends of rock’ insert to the left side.
  • Make the inserts lower case.

Contents page targets:

  • Change ‘Top 10 must go festivals 2018’ to ‘Top 10 must go to festivals 2018’.
  • The section with which contains page 14 needs to be made wider.
  • Make sure you aline your age numbers.
  • Add something into the bottom left corner.

Double page spread targets:

  • Add another photo in preferably with the star in another outfit.
  • One of your columns go straight through the center, maybe get rid of one of your questions.
January 23

Feedback on Article


Here is my double page spread with the article put into it. I chose to go with a hard hitting story because they tend to spike controversy and anger which are key features found within my genre. Due to my choice I was able to make it so my main cover star responded as if she was annoyed and frustrated with the state of the governments. The idea to do a more politically driven article was many bands in my genre have done albums completely surround by their government, for example Green Day.

After hearing somebody read my article aloud I noticed some very big mistakes such as some of my columns cut off in the middle due to a copying error. Also I after hearing it read aloud I have noticed some typos and also I need to go through it and do a grammar and punctuation check.

January 14

Article idea development


Above is the a plan for my article, in this plan I had thought about what words and phrases I could use in my article that are also associated with my genre. I have also researched what is going on in music news to help draw inspiration for my article.

Once I had done this I began to draft my article. This included the stand-first, an introductory paragraph and finally the Q&A. I decided to do a Q&A as I feel my audience will be most entertained by it as they will feel as if they were getting and exclusive.

January 8

Language analysis

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‘Q magazine, Cash for questions this month: Alt J (11th July 2017) Paul stokes’

Structure of the article 

The first feature of the article is the stand first, here it will give an idea of what the article is going to be about. Then the first bit of the magazine gives you brief history of the magazine before moving onto the Q&A portion.

Are you aware of the presence of the journalist 

The presence of the journalist isn’t obvious, even when it comes to the questions, it is questions of the general public.This has a great impact as it is not the same old generic question you find, had it actually been the journalist questions there wouldn’t be any new information. The journalist conveys the band as relatable writing about their interest in books and the ‘nerdy’ reputation of they have earned throughout the years, overall this make Alt-J seem likeable

Language analysis

Also when the questions were asked to the band the journalist ensured that they caught the reaction of the member. For example when asked if they took their parent out for dinner the writer included the fact that they groaned, this made the band appear humble as they know they are no above taking their parents to for dinner.

Also the band used a metaphor to describe their ambitions, the metaphor was ‘chewing gum the doesn’t lose its flavour.’ This is a clever way of describing as it is an effective way of saying that they don’t want it to be something they are bored of.

There is not really a mode of address as it is a q&a therefore it is mostly just the bands answers, however in the first column it is quite informative as it gives you a brief idea of where the band came from.

Due to this being a q&a most of the article is quoted however, in the first column the journalist specifically included the band saying ‘I know being photographed in a library isn’t a good place to play down our bookish image.’ This was a good way of conveying the nerdy persona they have adopted over time.

The reader should feel entertained by the article and some sort of satisfaction as they have received answers to some of their questions.


The journalist represent the band as relatable and likeable. This is done by showing how they came from humble beginning, how they attended school like most people. Also, they made the band come across as quite innocent for the music industry by adding “Perhaps a grilling from Q readers might uncover some previously rock’n’roll bad behaviour.”


January 5

Draft 4 Feedback and targets

Above is some feedback I have received from the teacher about my front cover, contents page and double page spread so far. Some feedback I have received is:

  • You have a nice brand running through, but I think the orange could be picked up somewhere else.
  • The headline would look better with quotation marks and if it was italicised.
  • Your main cover star could be bigger.
  • Move the insets in a little as they are too close to the edge.
  • Make the barcode horizontal.
  • Good use of textured backgrounds, however change the double page spread or the front cover.
  • Add some page numbers onto your photos.
  • On the contents page there is too much space.
  • The columns structure on your double page spread doesn’t work well.
  • On the double page spread the headline doesn’t tent to go across two pages.
  • Add logo onto the contents and double page spread.

After receiving my feedback the main problem I need to fix is the structure of my columns as they are not are not clear making it appear disorganised.


December 16

A new improved double page spread

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Here is an improved version of my double page spread. After receiving feedback I started to edit my double page spread in order to make it more desirable to my audience.

One of the biggest problems I had with my first draft was the columns were not clear enough, this led to my decision to change the initial lay out. this new layout is more clear making it an easier read. Also another piece of feedback I received is the headline of the article, previously my headline went across both of the pages however this made it harder to read, leading to my decision make sure it is only on one page.

Finally, I was told to add page numbers. To show continuity throughout my magazine the page numbers are in the same font as the number I used in my contents page. Finally I was told to add in and introductory paragraph in order to give a briefs sum of the article.


December 15

Draft 3- Double Page spread

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Above is the first draft of my double page spread. Here I have made a mock-up of how my article will be shaped but I am yet to write the article. I have made what may be a pulled quote in bold. Also I have messed around with the effects on my main cover line to give it a street vibe. In order to show continuity throughout my magazine I ensured that I kept to a similar colour scheme and used the same font, this is important as I want to make sure my magazine appeals to a specific audience.

Some feedback I have received is:

  • I like the background photo you have used however, the writing can be hard to read at times.
  • The headline is good however it would look better if it was italics, also headlines don’t tend to go across both pages.
  • The columns are wrapped well around the photo however it is hard to tell when a column ends and when another starts.
  • Would look better if you added a drop capital.
  • Need to add page numbers.
  • The by-line should only say ‘By…’ not ‘written by….’