October 5

Contact sheets

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Above are all the photos we took on out shoot for our digipak. We are now able to select the ones that we feel will go best with our digipak. When doing our shoot we got a wide range of different shots such as establishing shots, close-ups, mid-shots, long shots and a diverse range of angles.

Choosing  the location we went with gave us the opportunity to explore a variety of different backgrounds and a variety of different of different lightings, this is good as it gives us a wide range to play with on photoshop. Also we have pictures of our star portraying a wide range of emotions and facial expressions to choose from.

In addition to this we also have experimented with different camera features such as apertures and shutter speed in order to get the best effect for our shot.  Overall I believe the shoot was a success mainly down to previous planning we had done before. Doing the planning before ensure we were not going into our shoot blind sighted and we had a good idea of what shots were essential. Having all these shots mean we are now able to start drafting our digipak.

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Here is a shortlist of of the photos we are considering to use in our digipak. We decided to short list these photos after viewing all of the photos we got. The next step we are now taking is messing around with different filters and editing techniques and making the finale decisions for our digipak.

October 3

Digipak Mock up and

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Above shows the mock up we did for our digipak, all of the photos we found were online. We decided to choose these pictures because they fit in well with our mood board and are all conventional to our genre. This task was valuable as it gave us a better idea of what type of shots, locations and general mise-en-scene are conventional in the indie pop genre. 

Doing this task was useful in familiarising ourselves with adobe Indesign as it has been a while since we have had to use the software. We used the soft ware as a way of deciding how we were going to do the lettering for our digipak, after experimenting with different fonts, to add to the indie vibe of the lettering we decided to add some slashes to help illustrate the  originality found within the indie pop genre.

For the Front cover we decided to go with a darker setting and the silhouette of the girl helps portray a feeling of melon collie an the ambiguity we want our album to portray, having this front cover gives off a mystery making the audience more intrigued.

This heavily contrasts with the middle right picture which seems rather positive unlike the front cover, having the opposing lighting shows how diverse and original the album is and it is not all about be in perpetual sadness.

We decided to pick the image of the sunglasses due to the famous phrase ‘looking through rose tinted glasses’  as we found that it gave an element of mystery and can be ambiguous. This is important as we do not want to portray our star as mindless, having this reference gives a sense of depth.

Finally our decision for the back cover shows the freedom our star feels and how she had to break through social pressures and conformity. The picture acts as an excellent visual representation of what her brand is. The back cover also shows our track-list, having it in the blank space ensures that it will grab the attention of our stars.

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In addition to this we made a list of a number of different genres and asked random people what genre they thought our digipak was, this helped us to ensure we were on the right track to creating a digipak for the right genre of music.  We did find that 3 people thought it was an album cover for pop music therefore we need to ensure the picture we get in our shooting swing to close to the Pop genre, as we do not want to produce a product that doesn’t appeal to the right genre. In addition to we have created a list and asked some people to tick some descriptive words to see what people thought of our mock up digipak. the results are shown above.


September 25

Digipak Moodboards


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Above is the mood board that we created for our digipak. This task familiarised us with the conventions of indie pop genre. In order to start our moodboard  we simply typed in indie pop album covers, this gave us an idea of colour schemes and fonts, however we did not want our digipak to belike a loose copy of other peoples. This gave us the idea to mess around with the fonts and add our own unique take on the font.

In addition to this we did little sketches of the different elements we would like to include such as the polaroid. we decided to do this sketch as it only references our music video without taking shots of our music video and sticking them on the front.

Doing this task means that we will not blindly start editing our digipak, this is important as we do not want to create a product that our audience will not buy.


September 25

Previous students work

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Above shows a digipak a previous student has made. In this task we had to evaluate an ex students work. This task gave us the opportunity to explore the different components a digipak is made up of such as aspects like the spine of the CD. Also having evaluated this piece of work gave us a better understanding of how little details such as fonts are important in conveying our genre.

Use of camera and photoshop

This digipak demonstrates a really good understanding of how to manipulate an image for effect. For example having the hooks placed around the photo in random places is effective as it gives a better idea about what the album is about. Also having the  having the wave inside a triangle over the sea demonstrates a really good understanding of illustrator.

However the photos themselves only show a basic understanding of how to use a camera as they only use really use one angle and don’t use any techniques which could benefit their work more. For example on the photo of the bottles it would have been better if they had used depth of field.


The mise-en-scene for this digipak shows a  clear design and theme throughout showing a good level of understanding of what is considered to be conventional to the genre. For example the use of the beach and the sea shows connotations of freedom throughout.The hooks act as a metaphor in a sense as they show how people are hooked connotes this idea of being addicted, to what is not specific though. It could be someone is hooked to social media, a person and so on. Furthermore the bottles are standing upright despite waves crashing on them connotes this idea of strength and powering through. Also the use of hooks and bottles as props is very on brand of the band as you are able to see at a glance which band the album is. Although it is typically seen to be unconventional to feature an actual person on the digipak, it is done effectively by showing a sense of vulnerability having him shirtless.

Choice of words

The font used is affective as it is conventional to the genre however it is not necessarily clear all the way through as it is harder to read on the back cover and you are not focused on what the songs are. However the titles of the songs them selves are very effective as they are concise and to the point for example ‘Oxygen’. Having the songs titles with only one word make them more memorable to the audience.


All the features used are conventional to the genre and demonstrate clearly what the genre is. For example having the two catfish swimming around one another is very on brand for the band ‘Catfish and the bottlemen.’ Also the colour scheme is not overly in your face and is consistent for each component of the digipak.

The font on the front cover is effective and clear, also having it in white helps it to stand out against the background without breaking the colour scheme. However the same font has been used on the back in black and is difficult to read and does not grab you attention, making the audience loose interest.


September 14

Digipak conventions analysis

Above shows an annotated version of Digipak. We decided to go with Halsey album ‘Badlands’ as she is a very popular artist within the indie pop genre, therefore we would be able to get a really good understanding to what is considered conventional for our genre. This task helped me gain a better understanding of the key features of a Digipak all come together to grasp your audiences attention. Doing this task will help me when it comes time to produce my own Digipak as I have a better idea of what my audience is attracted to.